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  • !!!!FRAUD!! :-((((

    Hi there, I have received a random ICQ message from a person name Vitaly Kolesnichenko, who works at "Odessa Export" His offer was about selling computer products for low price. I have asked him many questions to make sure he wasn't trying to scam me, he gave me his address, phone number and business #. So I felt safe enough to spend him money (through Western Union). After he took the money (early last week), he did not answer to my messages until lastnight saying the item has been shipped and he will fax me the information this morning but he hasn't. I now strongly believe he is a scam. So I was wondering if there was anything I can do, maybe contact law enforceement in Ukraine. I would really appreciate your help.

    Here is Vitaly's address and office phone number

    Vitaly Kolesnichenko
    Korolyova str.22-134

    Odessa Export 2001
    Business # 890-0319-313

    If you can confirm his business that would be great.

    You can reach me on ICQ: 13369302 or e-mail

    I hope to hear from you soon,

    Thanks very much for your time,


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    Why do you keep on spamming the same info? One post was enough, please stop!


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      Sorry Irinka, but nobody seems to be caring. I have lost $800 US, that's a lot of money for me. As university student trying to pay off loan and bills. With my part time job it would take 3 month to make that money.

      I have e-mailed you before I made any post but I felt completely ignored. So I thought someone might care if I posted in couple different sections (that I thought this thread might fit in).

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like contact information of law enforcement in Odessa.

      Thanks, and sorry Irinka.. Only if you have replied to my e-mail and said something. You got to understand me, it's hard for me to even swallow any food and I go to sleep with my eyes open thinking about this. School is starting very soon and I feel totally lost and scammed.



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        Ukrainian law enforcement?

        Have you ever been to Ukraine? The law enforcement there is very corrupt, they will take your money before helping you.
        Besides, what posessed you to send money to a stranger? Everywhere you go on the net, you see warnings not to send money to anyone you can not prove legitimate, it'll simply be your lesson. You will never see the money you've sent, I can guarantee that a 100%
        Such scams happen every day in North America, England, most civilized and third-world countries, such scams were designed to pray on people like you, who are inexperienced and gullible. I'm sorry this happened to you and that you have to learn the hard way.
        One way to check whether a business is legitimate is to find it's former customers and see if they were satisfied or not, and if you can not find any information on that business, forget it...all the money you spend will be lost.


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          Thanks for your help Irinka.

          Yes, I've read some articles on corrupted polices in Ukraine. Now I just feel hopeless about this situation, I will take it as a lesson... But it was too much of money to just forget about..

          I'm feel very angry with Ukraine governemnt still letting this happen, and not doing anything about it.


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            Which country do you live in?
            I live in Canada and such things happen even here and even though the government and police try to controll it, it's up to you to be smart and have common sense.
            Again, I'm sorry this happened to you, but it has nothing to do with Ukraine or police, it's you alone.


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              Just look at it from this way: Sh$t happens, deal with it.
              Not to be rude or anything, there are all kinds of tragedy happens everyday, what made you think that some strangers will care about your lose of $800? For all I know, you're mad at your friend or developed hard feelings towards some individual and you're now trying to get back at him by slandering him on the net. If something did happen, the proper way to handle this is to contact your local authorities.


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                Write it off as a loss and learning experience. I am going through a similar problem now. I invested heavily into someone and it cost me dearly. Don't wait to be reimbursed for the money you lost. It's gone. Trust me on this.



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                  thanks lilly

                  Thank you for the best reply or advice I had so far, I guess it is best to forget about the money. It just makes me very mad mentally to think about what the person had done to me. I mean I work hard for that money and this someone I don't even know..........

                  Anyways I just wanted to say thanks



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                    BenCA... Ca.. Canada? I'm from Canada also.

                    Talking common sense earned you 578 posts I see.. How many people say **** happens and say deal with it.. I was hopping for someone who live in Ukraine to look up in the phone book maybe or to look up couple of sites and find me someone to contact. Nothing big. Obviously you don't care and you need to learn how to keep your mouth shut. I'd feel a lot better if it was a friend. I don't know about your "friends" but my friends wouldn't do that to me.

                    For all I know, your smartass reply was to make yourself look like an ass (to me) and to earn another post +1.

                    I think you have problems BenCA, go get some rest.



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                      Threre is no need to insult anyone. I know how bitter you are because someone tricked you, but if you really wanted to do something about it, you could have researched more extensively. After 5 minutes of easy search, I have found phone numbers and links to the Odessa police and municipal government, it's all in these links below.


                      Please no more whining and more action.


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                        sorry ahead of time


                        Oh Billy boy, such anger! My god Billy, take a deep breath and close your eyes.
                        No, I'm not from Canada!!!

                        Yea Billy, talking common sense, how about you trying thinking common sense. What you did isn't exactly nice or legal, you don't even know if he scammed you for sure. I believe your exact words are "I now strongly believe he is a scam". you dont' even know for sure. You know what, believing like that can get you in trouble.

                        I don't know what you were hoping for! I go from what I read, not from I think you're hoping for! Of course I don't care, I don't know you and I don't even know if you're telling the truth. There are bigger tragedies such as people starving and killing each other. I'm not going to lose my sleep because allegedly you got scammed.

                        I need to learn to keep my mouth shut? Why, is it because I'm telling the truth and you can't handle it? You my friend need to learn how to take it and not to show your uncalled-for resentment. But I do care enough to tell you not to do that.

                        Your friend won't do what to you? Won't tell you the truth?

                        [Edited by BenCA on 6th September 2001 at 23:24]


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                          Ben, enough of this

                          Why lower yourself?


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                            again, sorry
                            i guess i was just in the mood


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                              Djphat: Were in Canada are you from? I live in Kitchener, Ontaro. As the beer commercial goes: " I AM CANADIAN"