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Cute Canadian Guy Looking For Cute Ukraine Lady

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  • Cute Canadian Guy Looking For Cute Ukraine Lady

    I dont smoke or drink, but i still know how to have a good time. I like to watch
    movies and eat spicy italian or mexican food. I usually avoid smokey places,
    because i am allergic to smoke. I also like sports, play some and watch
    some. I would like to say that i am not fake and that i dont like fake
    people, what you see is what you get and i look for the same in a woman. I
    am looking for a cute,classy lady, that is honest and doesnt play games! I
    will admit, i like woman that are attractive and really look after
    themselves and dont smoke(sorry). I prefer woman with average, athletic,
    small or petite figure. I really like a woman that likes to smile and is
    easy going. A great smile always makes my day. You would have to like
    animals also, because i am an animal lover and i have a white husky. I am
    not into the bar scene and only looking for a lady that is really interested
    in me. I am honest and upfront, i dont play games. I treat people the way i
    want to be treated. I will say that i have always been a sucker for
    brunettes or dark red heads, but i have also dated blondes too. I will say
    that i am an affectionate, emotional guy if the girl has the right touch,
    but i also have that rough and tough guy side also. I dont speak french .
    I am a clean cut, well dressed guy that is looking for that special girl
    that will make my knees weak..haha

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    Hi Mark

    Just curious, why specifically a Ukrainian lady?


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      Because Ukraine women are so beautiful, loving and trustworty

      Because Ukraine women are so beautiful, loving and trustworty. So are you interested? Are you the lady who monitors the personal board and others on


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        Am I interested in you personally? No.
        But you seem like a nice person, so I would like to welcome you to the discussions and wish you luck in finding the right person.
        The reason I asked as to why you wanted specifically a Ukrainian woman, is because we seem to have lots of discussions on this very topic.
        Do you want a woman from Ukraine for a long-distance relationship?


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          Yes i would like to have a relationship with a Ukrainian woman

          I would like to bring her to Canada to live with me. But i dont really trust too many people, especially agencies or someone saying who they are, when they are not. I need a screening process! Is that possible? Can you help me?
          I have noticed a lot of beautiful women from the Ukraine in Aol Love especially from Odessa.
          I am a nice guy, most Canadians are, along with being very comical! eh..haha
          No, but to be serious, i would love to find a pretty Ukrainian lady, that is sweet, down to earth, trustworty and would like me for who iam, and that would be willing to move to Canada someday.
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            The logo on the bottom of my messages means "Ukrainian in Canada", the red leaf definately represents the Canadian flag..EH?
            Canada as you may or may not know it, has a huge Ukrainian community, especially in Toronto and Winnipeg.
            I was born in Odessa, Ukraine and has become Canadian citizen in 1993, so I keep my Ukrainian heritage squeaky fresh by visiting Odessa now and then.
            I know of Odessa women's beauty, but I'm also aware of the idiotic Immigration laws, beurocracy, and futility of good intentions in the Ukrainian government... So if I were you, I'd visit Odessa as a tourist, and bring a friend with you for company. Just see what the place is like, visit all the beautiful architectural and cultural landmarks, bars..etc..and maby you'll meet someone nice without any agencies.
            Yes, I've seen your website.
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              I used to live in Burlington for 2 years up until last summer

              I find it hard to find a decent woman in Canada, that is somewhat old fasioned and trusworty. I was brought up in an old fasioned family, but i also keep up with the new trends and ways of life, but my morals are old fasioned.
              So do you know any Ukraninian ladies in TO? Or any nice ladies that fit my description? Ages would be between 19 and 30, maybe even up to 35.
              I loved living up in Ontario, but my dad fell sick last summer, so i came back home. I guess i am tired of being single, its been 4 years. I used to live with a girl for 3 years before, but it just didnt work out.
              Well, thats to bad you are not looking, we'd be a good match,
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                You're just having a dry spell
                There are lots of women with morals similar to yours, you're just having a slow season lol
                Well, hope you find what you're looking for,


                P.S. Hope your dad gets better soon


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                  Unfortunately for you there are not Ukrainians women here...
                  Most of Ukrainians women don't know English and have not Internet.


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                    why that cute canadian guy doesn't stay in his cute Canada and find someone there?
                    otherwise you will complain then about all Ukraine and other former soviet countries as other "cute" guy did


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                      Please delete this thread

                      Please delete this thread