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I declare competition to the substitution of vacant place my boy friend.

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  • I declare competition to the substitution of vacant place my boy friend.

    I declare competition to the substitution of vacant place my boy friend.
    Requirements for the competitors:
    1) A SENSE OF HUMOUR – the first place;
    2) age 35-47 (life shows that young men are silly yet);
    3) height more 180 cm.

    Competitor shouldn’t strive for building his nest. Any nest is deceptive. Remember “American beauty”? Family, music, candles, dinner … and everyone hates each other. House is a roof above a head. Comfortable roof, but not a nest.
    No, family nest is not for me.
    All… for the present.

    PS Oh, I forgot … About me: simple Ukrainian, height 170 cm, shapely, weight 65 kg.
    Painted blond. Hair to shoulders. Blue eyes. White teeth (not false).
    I have the defects of my qualities.
    I love music (“Nirvana”, “Rolling stones”, “Aerosmith” ). I hate routine.
    I made my boring profession be creative.
    I don’t promise that I will reply to each letter.

    You should send your offers e-mail:

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    I love your post Irena


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      If you like mid-night-oil, the ballards of Nick Cave and you are not vacant in mind or out there in (internet) space. Give me a call... drop me a line and send me a pic.

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        I understand: a sense of humour is the most difficult request, but I can't remove it...


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          Having Fun will travel... in search of laughter

          Hey... I don't say I didn't have a sence of humor... I replied to this advertisment after all.. Just wanted to know how wide you interests in Rock 'n' Roll were. Oh for what it is worth I have met M Jagger here in Australia...

          I can truthfully drop a few more if you like having
          worked in the R & R / Film Industry in the 1982-85's.

          Happy to hear of your best Joke (As ling as its not on me


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            Boys will be boys.......

            Hi Ira,

            Love your thread, honesty to the bone in the cold light of day. Sounds like your absent boyfriend has passed up on someone special.

            I hope you find your special person....who brings out the best in you



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              You sure put the lights out for me babe.......
              1 cm too short - 10 years too old - already got a nest.....I see I don't stand a chance.!!

              So - best of luck and may you find your man in cyberspace....with his feet on the ground.



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                Now that Andrew's out of contention...

                Does that mean I still have a chance? Come to think about it I maybe too short by 1cm also... but I am within the age bracket. My ski's are taller though! Does that count?

                [Edited by SMAX on 27th April 2001 at 04:09]


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                  Ski's? Ski's...
                  Well, after long thoughts I decided to lower tall till 178 cm. But it's extreme point! And don't ask!
                  Lower I can't!
                  I love to look at a man upwards.


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                    Great I still have a chance...

                    Great I still have a chance. I guess I can return the high heals now Wasn't sure if they counted anyway, besides I don't look to crash hot in high heals (Black of course)

                    Damm That means the comptition is back in also.... ahh.. no, I am in luck he is 10 years out of date.... yes

                    When is the lucky draw/judges decision. Can't wait around all day and night. When can we look at the prize on offer?


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                      We are all still have a chance in this world...

                      1) about heals (maybe heels?) 178 - barefoot. When victor will come to finish (after many tests, naturally), he had to undress and proove all his merits, and any heals (heels?) won't help him;
                      2) the comptition is only starting and you have been tired ...
                      See, the commission can strike you off a list.
                      You know, fight is stubborn.
                      Everybody wants to have clever and pretty Ukrainian girlfriend.


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                        Dream on sweet princess

                        Dream on. As you yourself said humor is the important attribute. Sure beauty and Ukrainian certainly go hand in hand but to be cute and intelligent is the most important to me. Whilst you may think you sit in judgment, the truth is it is your potential admirers that judge you.

                        Ukrainian Beauty!!! Living an American dream... (Or is that Canadian)

                        Still a photo would not go astray, if anything it may spice up the competition (although true love as nothing to compare let alone compete)


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                          Re: Dream on sweet princess

                          it is not harmful to dream.


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                            Drean On sweet Princess

                            I never siad there was anything wrong with dreaming... (Would I apply for this position if I was not dreaming). I just trust that it is not a nightmare. I dream the best dreams and Ukraine is part and parcel to wonderful dreams. Just not sure where the pot gold gold lies... rich in love and sweetness. (Still a photographic roadmap would not go astray)... Forever dreaming... Yours as always.


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                              Re: Drean On sweet Princess

                              Max, you become sentimental... Grow old, maybe. See that you are not too old for me.
                              Don't worry, dear, and regain consciousness...
                              I'm here, your Irena... Is it OK?

                              [Edited by Irena on 30th April 2001 at 05:04]