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  • A true romantic - Copy Post

    I fully agree with the need to understand and plan for a relationship that may develope between two cultures.
    As time goes by... there are many reason that a relationship with "western women" fail.

    One is the level of commitment and love that is required to make a relationship to work.

    One enduring appeal to a women from the Ukraine or CIS is her attitude to developing a relationship.

    Maybe this is just the "spiel" given to relocate to another more wealthy country may be there is genuine desire.

    I think it is good to ask your self... and her as well ... would you feel just as happy living with her in her own country... where you are the one that is isolated... cut off from your friends, associates and family... would you be prepared to start a life afresh with both of you living together in a new Country... or at least in a new state.

    I agree it is a huge responsibility not just to her and her family but to yourself also... ask yourself what you are prepared to do to help make this new relationship work. Learn Russian/Ukraine, build relationships with other immigrants from the Ukraine in your home country. Try and plan return visits for her and you. Would you be prepared to assist in looking after her family, if need be have them relocated as part of an extended family?

    Then having thought about these things if you are truly committed to making this relationship work then with sincerity and love it has a chance o survive and prosper. -

    For better or worse in sickness and in health -

    Max D - Author (Originally posted on