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looking for ukrainian software engineers

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  • looking for ukrainian software engineers

    dear readers

    iam an egyptian businessman working in the field of computer business specially software and application industry .
    these days iam establishing a new company for me ...the speciality is softaware engineering specially in the field of remot and mobile computers application and the security systems for databases and information systems .
    and i hope if i could find any ukranian and russian specialests on this field specificlly .
    and i will give him or her a complet full board accomodation in cairo egypt and he will participate in the interests of the company beside a good salary .
    please if anyone find her or him matshing my request so i will be so gratefull if he or she send me a notification to my email address :
    thanks alot

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    my name is Nick - I work in the computer video games industry as a 3d artist. I have many contacts in the Ukraine and am about to move there next week and team up with a group of developers in Kiev. The reason I am emailing you is because I will be able to source you the people you need and come up with a good deal for you. Believe me there are very many good programmers in the Ukraine who are more than an equal to western programmers and will work for a very good wage in the Ukraine which is actually not that much by US or UK standards. I have nearly 10 years experience with the computer industry and what you say interests me. Perhaps I can help - let me know any way.