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Where to meet single and educated Ukrainian men in Kyiv?

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  • Where to meet single and educated Ukrainian men in Kyiv?

    It seems like it is a desert.

    I am a 30+ ngo manager and I used to be with my colleague from work since Maidan times. But as many revolutionary loves this one also got scattered, not a clue why actually as I am not committing any typical mistakes.

    So I am in a situation when I ask myself should I leave my job and set for another country? But I made it so far already, I achieved a lot, I have nice friends, I speak the language, finally my PhD thesis is connected with the particular aspects of political hurdles in the country and all my career as an analyst too.

    I do not want to pack my suitcase and go. I like this country. But I do not want to be forever expatriate so I'd love to find an educated Ukrainian guy somewhere.... yeah but where?

    Unfortunately I have the same routine every day, work, home, work, home etc. Neverending story. Not much time for any open lectures or other Kyiv Mohyla actyvities, yet I do sometimes go there.

    But for some reason I am invisible... I do not understand why. Before, wherever I was even in my native country (Poland) I had considerable amount of attention and didn't even have to search much.

    Now I really do not know what's gonna be...

    So, ok didn't mean to open up so much and bore you with my story. But will appreciate any advice

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    Spend time doing things that you enjoy. Maybe you'll find someone with similar interests there.

    Spending time in bars is great if that's you interests, but for most it's not the purpose to life. Museums carnivals, car rallies? What's you passion?

    Retirement sucks! You never get a day off!!!