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I have a biracial son

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  • I have a biracial son

    I would like to date a russian, ukrainina or slavic guy because my family is from there. i grew up in america. i have a son that is half black. will this make a problem for me to find a slavic guy? be honest.

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    I would imagine that some people would either be open to you having children while others wouldn't be. For those that are open to the idea, I doubt the fact you have a biracial son would be a problem.

    See whats been posted in the past day.

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      Hi Lavender,

      uno here
      I dated a Ukrainian woman who was divorced and had biracial kids. For me at first it was a shock, however I got over it. The where really good kids. However I'm an American. Not sure how Slovak people would be. It's strange when you think about it. We are all really mixed now. Anyway I think there is more tolerances for mixed races here in the states. Don't you think.