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Why do Ukraine Woman Hate America?

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  • Why do Ukraine Woman Hate America?

    Hi all
    I started my search for a nice woman a few years ago. I got engaged in January and then she got cod feet. So I am back looking for love of a good woman. What I noticed this time around, Ukraine woman will not write me back. Some have even told me that they will not write me because I am an America.

    What has changed? Why do Ukrainian woman hate Americans? I have heard both the Pro-Russia side and Pro-Ukraine side and they both hate America. If you are a Ukraine woman, please tell why all the hatred for Americans. I know about the issues, but there must be some other problems that we are not hearing here on American news. I apologize for our stupid President Obama. I hate him too.

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    > I have heard both the Pro-Russia side and Pro-Ukraine side and they both hate America.

    I'll tell you more. The entire world hate America. Ok... not hate, but there is no respect. From outside world America looks like banana republic with rockets.


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      Of course this is not a fault of ordinary people. But Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, McCanes... etc. They pretend to be the smartest among the Americans. because you elect them. That is why people of the world think, regular Americans even more stupid.


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        Next theory, which is mine:

        Just imagine. There is a guy from "great America" seeking for love and trying to date Ukrainians. He is open, he is funny, he is simply fine. And the United States are a country, which is very good, you can find job, you can have money (at least in the American dream) - prosperity. And now imagine, how many Ukrainians (and in general women from Eastern/Central Europe and Asia) are trafficked abroad and forced to prostitution. It is nothing strange they are aware.

        It is only another option, that I have in mind.