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  • Using Mordinson Agency

    My last post was asking about using Mordinson agency now I can speak from experience. Overall I have been extremely pleased. Michael met me at the airport as promised. The apartment I stayed in was nice upscale and comfortable, The cafe next door had great food....service is eastern European but not bad.
    I went to meet a woman I had been emailing from Mordinson agency. Sofia turned out to be everything she promised to be and more. I am a very skeptical person and was looking very hard for something that even hinted at dishonesty and I found none.
    After Sofia and I were introduced we walked around the city everyday until we left for a short vacation in the Crimea.
    After I came back to the states we stayed in contact. I returned again and we were soon engaged.
    If you are thinking of using a Ukraine marriage agency I highly recommend Mordinson agency... I am glad I didnt have to go through any scams or agency's where the girls arent serious. I met some of the other guys using the service and they seemed pleased as well.
    I think guys do need to realize that mordinsons is an introduction have to make the magic.
    Our video is posted on Mordinsons site...Randy and Sofia if anyone has any questions feel free to message me here...

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    Question for a veteran

    Hi there shootfighter. I liked your post since it sounds a lot like me. I have not used the dating sight you mentioned and that is not really my question. I am 45 and in November 2013 went to the ukraine and long story short met a wonderful girl. It is kind of funny since now back in the states the woman here are a joke to me. What I wanted to ask you is about your experience with your wonderful bride. My first week my girl did not want to hold hands or kiss, well not really. And I was in the skeptacle mode but she did many things to say she liked me and wanted to move forward and also was crying when I had to go home. I am heading back next week and see her again I am not sure what to expect. I do not need sex if this is the right girl but something with a little affection would be nice even just holding hands. Am I pushing to hard with this thought as I am in the American world and not in the nice family culture as in the ukraine. I just cannot seem to get my head around it all. Any words of wisdom you could give would be great. If you like to use my personal email it is