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Marrying a Ukrainian girl - UK or Ukraine

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  • Marrying a Ukrainian girl - UK or Ukraine

    I have been with my girl for almost 2 years now and we want to marry so that we can be together

    We've met 6 times usually for long weekends, with one 10 day holiday and a week last month

    My question is, if we want to live together in Uk, is it better to marry in UK or Ukraine?

    From what I have seen so far, it's probably easier to marry in Ukraine, but I'm not sure how this will affect future visa applications for her to come to the UK

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    Have you tried getting a British entry for your Ukrainian fiancée yet?

    Going by my own experience and that of other Brits I've met in Ukraine and on associated ex-pat websites, your prospect of getting her a visa to enter the UK for the purpose of marriage, at this moment in your relation, is almost zilch! I also believe that the latest British law covering marriage to foreign persons (not applicable to EU nationals) makes it almost impossible to marry a person who has entered the UK on a tourist visa. The foreign applicant for marriage must return to their homeland and apply at the British Embassy for an entry for marriage visa.

    You do not say how old you both are because this is important. Also employment record, educational qualifications,any children, financial status etc, are all factors the UK authorities will take into consideration. The UK applicant will also need to demonstrate that he has adequate housing and income to support the spouse (any children).

    Based on the limited information available, I would say that your UK entry for marriage application is in danger of being refused on the basis of consideration of the limited time you have spent together. A regular reason given for refusal is "that the relationship has not been adequately established" . This is calculated not on the amount of time you have known one another, but on the time duration together.

    If you don't speak Ukrainian/ Russian, she will need excellent English language. She will be interviewed at the British Embassy as part of the marriage visa process, and she will need to know a lot about you to demonstrate that you are a harmonized couple who share common values likely to reinforce the relationship.

    I think if you can spend the required time away from the UK to marry her in Ukraine it would be preferable. Then you must be prepared to spend perhaps two years or more apart (allowing for typical first entry visa refusal). It is not a quick process and in the experience of many, an unpleasant one. Good luck!


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      We are both in fairly decent jobs, I earn over the amount required to show I can support her. She does not own her own property, but has a good job as an interpreter in a big company, so english for her is not a problem. Her parents and grandparents both work as english teachers

      I am educated to degree level, she has done further education at college


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        I have married my wife in Ukraine. For us all went smoothly and I did not use a solicitor. We are publishing our experience of going through the entire process at We are hoping that that will help someone else. We applied for visa and got it in 5 weeks.


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          Cocojiambo congratulations

          Really happy that it went well for you


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            Found following on Yahoo site. Post is appx 4 yrs old. Very detailed info in form of comment:

            Nix, you are going to have a real headache and a lot of expense.

            What i can tell you from personal experience is this. If you have found a genuine girl from Ukraine, then sod the expense and the difficult times you will have with British immigration. I married a Ukrainian model a few years ago and i regret nothing.She is the most fantastic supportive, loving person to have ever come into my life, and we are expecting our first child in September. To really be able to help you i would need to know a lot more about your circumstances but i will give a rough outline here.

            -Firstly she should apply for a visitors visa ( she may be refused a couple of times but don't worry about that )
            -They have a new place now in Kiev for visitor visa applications between independance square and sofiskaya.and you would need to find the exact address on a google search ( I know where it is, but its difficult to give directions ). Later you will need a fiancee visa and that is at the consulate on Artoum street next to the Bosche service centre.

            The basic documents you will need for a visitors visa are:
            1. Current passports ( yours and hers and also her internal passport )
            2. 2 passport photographs of both of you
            3. proof of addresses, both yours and hers in the form of utility bills etc
            4. your mortgage statements/rent accounts and if renting then a letter from your landlord giving permission for your g/f to stay with you during the period of her visit.
            5. Bank statements ( at least 6 months ) for you
            6. proof of income both yours and hers in the form of wage slips etc.( they want to see that you can support her during her visit without recourse to public funds )
            If you are self employed then a statement of accounts for as long as possible.
            7. P60 if you have one
            8. A letter of invitation to your girlfriend stating visits to places you intend to take her when she is in Uk etc
            9. Proof that you have actually met in person on more than one occasion ( ie photographs together with well known landmarks in the background and if possible at different times of the year )
            10. A letter from her employer stating when she is expected back at work on letter headed paper ( this is important, as she will need to prove that she has a reason to return to Ukraine )
            11. emails printed out that you have sent each other over a period of time ie 3-6 months.
            12. Itemised telephone bills over a period of time, showing her phone number.
            13. Details of flights booked by you to Ukraine on at least a couple of occasions.
            14. The application fee in hryvna
            15. she will also need biometric data, check to see if they do that at the visa application office.
            16. credit card statements
            17. A letter from your employer stating that you are in full time employment, and have worked for the company for at least 2yrs.
            18. Not sure at this point if you both need birth certicificats but include them anyway ( you need them for fiancee visa applications )

            - Now do not book return flight tickets until she gets a visa
            - Do go to the visa center with her, as she will proberbly face an interview with a snotty entry clearence officer, who will possibly wish to interview you also.
            - If you get refused, don't panic. You just have to do it again 3 months later ( not before )
            - Its a lottery.
            - Important thing is you must both have a job, and can prove it.
            - if you are lucky then next you apply for a fiancee visa.( 6months )
            - then get married in UK and apply for further leave to remain.( 2 yrs )
            - Then she passes the life in UK test ( that i couldn't pass ) and she applies for indefinite leave to remain after 2 yrs ( 28 days before 2yrs to be exact )
            - Total cost is in excess of £3000+ for all visas
            - All visas applied for in the UK should be done at a public enquiry office,in person as the home office have a tendancy to lose your application on purpose, and if her visa runs out she will be deported.
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            æ, !

            Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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              Many thanks Hannia


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                Good Luck!

                æ, !

                Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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                  Fingers and toes crossed


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                    Thank you Hannia. Very informative. I have to agree with you concerning the need to keep documentation of everything between you and fiancée. All of the emails and Skype messages and love notes. I think you would keep them anyway since it is all very romantic, but it is also an easy way to show the depth of your relationship. Also, you may want to consider going on a vacation for the both of you. There are approximately 65 countries that Ukrainians can visit with just an international passport and not a visa, and some of them are lovely. The more things that you do as a normal couple, the better you get to know each other, and the more likely that you will receive the fiancée visa.

                    Also, getting married is important, so I would give this advise to anyone. Go on vacation together to a place that neither of you know very well. You can explore it together and then it can be your special place to visit during your marriage. Good luck to all who have found love with their special someone in Ukraine.


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                      Benefits of a travel history

                      As part of the previous relationship evidence travel together is definitely a good step. It proves, among other things the financial ability to fund such activities. It also puts date stamp evidence in the Ukrainian citizens passport that should be supported by photographs of the couple together, preferably with identifiable, or convincing backgrounds confirming that visit. Travel history is significant to the Ukrainian visa applicant for providing evidence of return to Ukraine each time the traveller has exited the country. It seems that the overwhelming concern, certainly with the USA and UK visa applications that the Ukrainian citizen is seeking to enter their country and thereafter stay, albeit illegally.

                      A word of warning about submission of email printouts passed between the couple offered with the visa application as evidence of ongoing relationship. All supporting documentation is scrutinised in detail. Applicants should be careful not to submit anything that could become a contentious issue (the sponsor in UK mentioning anything indicative of minor problem with his ex-wife, or a housing issue; or any other such personal matters by the Ukrainian spouse/fiancée).

                      The current situation in Ukraine, if it continues to worsen, will do little to improve the already difficult situation for Ukrainians to gain certain visas, even though they may be sponsored.


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                        Originally posted by jools182 View Post
                        Cocojiambo congratulations

                        Really happy that it went well for you
                        Thank you jools182, now we just need to prepare for the Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK process which is due in the next year and a half. Quite expensive as well, but there you go.