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How long does a passport renewal in Ukraine take?

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  • How long does a passport renewal in Ukraine take?

    My fiancee needs to renew hers, so that she can apply for a Visa to come visit me in the states.

    How long should I expect this to take? We need to get the Visa application in, or our plans need to push back.

    Thanks all.

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    Getting her Ukrainian international passport renewed or issued is only a small part of the problem.
    If she has not previously had a visa for the US and this will be her first application, your chances of getting her a US entry visa (even for tourism) will be a long drawn out affair. I'm British and to get a Ukrainian an entry visa for Britain is similarly problematic. It is easier if the applicant has a good travel history, including some Shengen visas. If you don't know what a Shengen visa is then you have much to learn about a Ukrainian citizens travel problems.

    Don't take my word for it, but see some other travel or personal threads within this website and you'll start to get a better idea.
    Good luck!


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      yes, renewal of the passport can take from 1-4 weeks. you can speed up the process.
      but getting a visa to USA will be long. it depends what type of visa???
      if your lady is planning to visit you then she has to have a good proof that she will be back.
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        She wants to have the wedding in Ukraine, so she will be applying for a Visitor's Visa once she has the passport renewed. I am expecting six months before she will get her appointment in Kyiv.


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          She has her passport....Visa up next. Wish her luck!