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  • Divorce, help needed

    I would like to ask you a question. I married in the Ukraine (cherkassy) the 2 of june 2012. My wife and her daughter came to Belgium in August 2012. Our mariage is legalised in Belgium also by the court. We lives together on the same adress in Belgium.

    One week ago, they turned back to Cherkassy for a holiday. Yesterday she sent me a message to tell she don't come back to Belgium anymore....

    So my question... Can she divorce in the ukraine without i know... Without my agreement? We have some credits together in Belgium... We bought a car together.... I am afraid that she can do bad things now and leave me alone with the problems.


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    i think if she hires a good lawyer than she can divorce without you. but still you need to consult Ukrainian lawyer.
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      to Nicolas

      I am sorry to learn of the failure of your marriage. I have mentioned on this website that many Ukrainian women seek marriage as an exit from Ukraine. They imagine often wrongly that their life will be infinitely better than in their current position.

      Your case is interesting because such women who marry men they don't really love, hang on in their new country until they have the authority to reside permanently and then start divorce proceedings. However your spouse seemingly does not love you or Belgium! I'm sorry but I can't offer any sensible legal advice, but as we say in English "pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again!"