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Expat get together in zaporozhzhye

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  • Expat get together in zaporozhzhye

    I’m a retired South African guy living with my Ukrainian wife in Turkey. We’ve bought an apartment in the city center and will be moving up next month.

    It would be great to get together with some English speaking expats and locals.

    Please mail me on

    Thanks Jaycey

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    We've now moved up to Zaporozhzhye.

    Surely there must be a few English speaking expats or locals in the area - or some hang outs where people go?


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      Very soon, I will definitely live in Donetsk, not so far from you


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        Hi Terusha

        Sorry I didn't reply to your message earlier - frankly I had given up hope in this forum. Now I know I am not alone on here!

        Yes, it would be nice to meet up but I think Donetsk is very far from Zaporozhzhye.




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          We’ve been in Zap since September last year and still haven’t met any English speaking people (either local or expat).

          It would be nice to meet new people in the area for coffee, language practice etc.


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            Jaycey, I can understand the disappointment. Have you spoken to any tour guides or translators? They wouldn't be native English speakers, but maybe they know some people.

            How are things in Zaporozhzhye these days?

            See whats been posted in the past day.

            Contact forum moderators here.


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              Thanks for the message Stepanstas.

              No tours operating this time of the year but we’ve had plenty of contact with translators in the course of getting residency and purchasing property here. No success.

              Zap is pretty quiet and we’re holding thumbs that it will stay that way. We surely live in interesting times!