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    Hey Guys, I am 50 from Holland. I like to share some of my experiences I had with Ukrainian women in general. After my beloved wife passed away 4 years ago, I decided to join a couple of dating sites. The first one was Natashaclub. Spend more than usd 1000 and ending up with nothing. Wont bother you all abt my past experiences with dating sites but I can tell you all dont waste your time spending lots of money and time with these silly sites. If you are really interested to date (maybe marry) an Ukrainian girl just hit the road well okay plane. Spend some money buy a ticket and go to Ukraine.

    I have been to Ukraine three times the past 2 years. A wonderful country stunning nature and okay guys probably the most gorgeous girls you will ever see in life (although I do have my doubts). In general the people are very friendly and you almost feel home. There is one major lesson I have learnt after visiting Ukraine couple of times. The reality is so much different than all these silly dating sites are trying to tell or believe us. I have spoken with many many girls there mostly from Kiev and Odessa. Indeed had a great time and now I am far more aware of what all these pretty girls really like.

    1) most of them are really not interested at all to leave Ukraine. They love their country dearly and besides they have a very very strong bond with family and friends.Its just a fairy tale girls want to leave their country hoping for luck and happiness abroad. The are aware the government is damn corrupted, poor conditions, lowwages etc etc but still the feel more or less comfortable with the situation.

    2) more than 80% of the women are happily married. I have read many letters/profiles from dating sites saying that Ukrainian women are fed up with local men. Thats definately not true, yes of course there are idiots around like we have in every country right? but in general marriage last long and happy.

    3) If you really believe a stunning girl of around 20 to 25 is interested to date a guy 15 or many years older gosh thats sooooooo not true. The idea makes them really sick, believe me. Most Ukrainian girls are damn aware of their beauty. They know precisely that every single day planes loaded with foreigners are arriving in Kiev seeking for a beauty queen. Yeah keep on dreaming guys, unless of course you drive a Ferrari, House at the Bahamas, penthouse in NYC etc. If you only earn around usd 3000 to 4000 a month gosh you are in the wrong place here.

    4) U may find your luck in the country site far away from the major cities. The farmer villages. But there is a huge problem here. None speak any word English (lots of gorgeous girls do live in the country side) and now we have a lovely topic here the PORN industry. These bastards okay for you business men are travelling around Ukraine(cities,villages whatever) seeking for lovely ladies offering them lots of money coz Ukrainian girls are very hot in the porn industry like Russians. It is true that Ukrainian women love sex, just a culture issue and if they get well paid why not? The average salary for a secretary is around usd 300 a month while they can earn 10 to 20 times more in the porn industry.

    I really do love Ukrainian women (although am dating now an Italian girl), they are friendly, sense of humor very very feminine and realistic. They cope with the hard life but with a smile on their face. They are different than Russian girls, coz they are more open, less educated and really they love life in general.

    To those who really want to date an Ukrainian girl, save some money go to Ukraine (may till September is the best period) and enjoy your stay there. U will love it and sorry to tell but the change u will heading home with a stunning beauty next to you is almost zero.

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    Before anyone will accept your advice as to date many ukrainian Women, who loves sex and money I must say few things about health. First of all have you every heard about genital infections? (HIV, Gonorea, and others) ? Condoms dont protect you from infections and protect you only from children but only for 97%


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      As an Englishman who has lived in Ukraine for 11 years I feel that the above based on coming to Ukraine 3 times in a 2 year period is not true. Again I have lived here for 11 years, no the people , the culture etc. Speak with the correct people and get the correct view point.