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  • question about Ukrainian women

    hi guys i am a 24 y o Algerian , i am student right now but i am seriously thinking of quitting my country because like anywhere else we are not convinced to stay here . One of the major problems pushing me to leave is women in ukraine , i saw many stunning looking women , white skin , blonds as well as brunettes , and not the so common brown and black eyes , but they also seems caring and very gentle and very feminine .

    i know that women are not angels , there will always be bad persons around the globe , but i wanted to ask those who live there or those who had experience dealing with them , is it true that these women are that awesome ? , is it true that she doesnt care about your age , religion , or country ( well some of them do ) , arent they high maintenance , that like only rich handsome guys ? or even arrogant ?

    my idea is to go there rather than using agencies because i know that they are highly expensive , and a big scam , yet i will be glad to get to know a girl from internet and then go there to meet her , or i will travel there and try to pick up random women. i am not sure where to stay after i leave , i mean i am thinking of canada or belgium , france will be my last option . and dont worry no woman will fool me since i had experience with them and i know every single game i can play thank you

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    Are you dreaming!

    Killswich (not a very appealing name)
    I think you are dreaming if you think that you can arrive in Ukraine, find yourself a beautiful bride and live happily ever after!
    Firstly you need to contact the Ukrainian Embassy within Algeria to find out what are your entry and residency conditions within Ukraine. Then you need to consider if you can fund your living costs whilst you are in Ukraine. Ukraine is nothing like Algeria, the extremes of temperature are much grater with very cold winters. Employment is hard to find, and what I can remember of Algeria, Ukrainians have to work much harder to live than most Algerians do. Also have regard to cultural and religious differences. A Ukrainian woman will not allow herself to be as subordinate to her husband as most Islamic women in your country.

    Ukrainian women are however, generally beautiful and make very good wives. They are like most women in this world looking for an interesting, attractive enough man with the financial means to offer security and reliability, over and above the love stuff. Some Ukrainian women may be tempted to marry a man simply to gain a visa to a desired country, but I do not anticipate that Algeria would rank highly in this regard.
    There is a lot of advise to be found in the various posts within the Personal section of this website.


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      thank you mate, tbh i am not thinking of staying in ukraine just getting a wife from there , also i am thinking of going to canada an establish my life there , gods speed for me


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        Reply to Killswitch

        I am not thinking of staying in Ukraine just getting a wife from there , also i am thinking of going to Canada an establish my life there , gods speed for me.

        You must be living in a very different world to most of us, if you can zoom into Ukraine, find a wife, get formally married, then jet off to Canada to make your future life, without the need of much time and money to jump over the many political / legal hurdles in order to to achieve this? Perhaps you have a high powered Mark 3, 65 MM super magic wand as a gift from Harry Potter!


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          yea and perhaps you have no motivation and no willpower
          anything will come in time ,i am not in a hurry will see when the time comes