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Another hopeful in search for Ukrainian Princess!

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  • Another hopeful in search for Ukrainian Princess!

    I'm not really sure if this could work, but hey, what have i got to lose!
    I’m a good looking, degree educated, professional British-Egyptian man living in London, UK. I’m dark-haired, brown-eyed, 6’1”, athletic, with arms that give the warmest hugs you could ever get! I am a very idealistic, tender person, often said to be very sensitive and romantic. I am Muslim by faith, but I combine a balance of Middle Eastern and Western values having lived in different cultures. I’m in my early 40s, divorced, and have one child. For years, I kind of put my life on hold, but now, I feel I’m ready to move on in search for the happiness I was always longing for. I find Ukrainian women exceptionally beautiful, kind, and caring, and I got to see that through a friend of mine happily married to a Ukrainian woman who is as good a wife as she is an amazing mother.
    I am therefore hoping to find an honest sincere educated woman who wishes to start a new relationship and new family. Let’s talk, get to know each other, and see what the future will have for both of us.
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    Please don't daydream!

    To:- UkraineloverUK,

    Fistly, the catchment possibility for your AD is quite small, as most of the readers/ contributors to this site do not live in Ukraine, but usually have tenuous family connections to Ukraine.
    Secondly, I would not imagine that many of them are single females that are not already in a relationship.

    Advice:- Try a dating website like TAU2 where you do not have to spend a penny unless you decide that you want to send a lady a long message, or exchange email address or telephone numbers.
    Be aware that the UK immigration is tightening down on giving non EU persons residence visas into the UK.
    Are you prepared to live with your partner in Ukraine? You would need to marry her first in Ukraine (a long drawn out procedure) and then hope that the British authorities would allow her to join you in the UK.
    Finally, be aware that many former Soviet country women seek western based men for the prime purpose of gaining exit from their countries, and that statistically there is a high rate of divorce of their partners once they have gained right of abode in their new country
    Good luck!


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      Thanks Gotno Gizmo .. this is very helpful!


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        I saw this article in a British newspaper about western men seeking brides in Ukraine and Russia. What it notes is predominately large age gap between the females and the older men they are introduced to. I find the article depressing because lovely younger Ukrainian women really believe that their life will be so much better in the west.

        That from the male perspective (particularly if he is British), he has little chance of him getting his much younger lady a settlement visa to live with him in his homeland. That even if he succeeds, statistically the risk of divorce is high once the lady gets her right of abode papers for permanent residency.
        Soviet bride safaris: Inside the seedy parties where Western men hunt for young Russian and Ukrainian wives | Mail Online