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  • Looking For Natalya (Sweetgirl)

    I am looking for any Information I can find about a women named Natalya,She uses a handle like SweetGirljjj777 and live in or near Saint Peter'sburg. She is 24 0r 25 years old about 5 ft 4 inches tall, very pretty,shoulder length Hair.I have fallen in love with her and want to marry her. I think she feels the same way but there may be a problem why she can not leave Russia for the US. Do not know what but if I can find her and get to her I will marry her and stay there with her until I can work out bring her home,which she said was her dream.If anyone has any information I would really like to hear from you.If you have a photo then I could be sure it's her. I would gladly compensate for information on the right Natalya as I know this is a common name with different spellings so just if any one can find her and let me know,I have lost her once do not want to do again.

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    You would do well see my reply to UkaineloverUK!


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      Saint Petersburg is not exactly Ukraine


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        I had a senior moment with that reply!


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          I suppose Natalia is lier

          Dear friend! I am Ukrainian female and I suppose Natalia is lier. Sorry to say that. I use to work as a translator in Kiev and I heard very many similar stories from foreign guys. I believe if woman stops communicating with you, no need to search for her. It means that she doesn't want to keep relationship with you.
          I will try to explain.
          As I understand from your story, "natalia" said to you that she couldn't move to USA. Right?. After woman said that, her man had to ask "Why?". I bet you didn't ask it but "natalia" was waiting for such question. She would answer:"I cannot go to USA because I have "bla-bla" problem and I need xxxxx amount of money". You were silly and didn't understand what this woman wants from you So that "natalia" couldn't get profit from you so as a result she stopped to communicate with you. Or you think she loves you?.
          I suggest you to stop seeking for "natalia" and to start looking for new reliable lady to build relationship with.

          With all my respect,