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I met my Fiance on the net

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  • I met my Fiance on the net

    Hello everybody,
    I would like to share with you my happy story which began on Internet . My ex wife is Norwegian. I am divorced after a 28 years long lasting mariage. 4 marvellous children and 50 years old. I'm french. 8 months ago, i decided to try to search the Internet without a lot of hope...I did that not because i'm a looser but i don't feel in the mood (or in the age ) to go to bar's or other places to date.
    I did not contact any agency but a website i had hear about on tv. I didn't have any special wish in terms of nationality of the women i could meet there, i only knew that i would not date american or western european women. Don't ask me why... My decision to search on the net was motivated by the strong wish to find a serious relationship possibly leading to mariage, at least to common life. I got many mails, from many model like young girls. I always answer them telling rhem what were my expectations and most of the time telling them that i considered them too young for a grandfather like me
    1 week after having began that search, i looked at a profile which was quite different from the usual ones. The pictures of this woman were taken during her "ordinary" life, while in a park, while fishing or seating at a bus stop, most pictures being taken by a mobile phone. She desribed her with a few words, not the one i was used to see. I began to write was in January. and she answered. We had a first one month discovering period where she and i asked and answered so many questions... she soon tried to see if i was not a Romeo keyboard ! I passed the test twice! After that period came a period of doubts (on my side) Was she guenuine. I felt deeply she was but sometimes .... we turned to Skype and spent aroud 2 hours a day together. Her english was not so good but decided that we would never let some words or phrase without means. I think she really believed in my feelings when i told her that i woulbe so happy to meet her in her country ! She accepted at once and we decided the period that would be more convenient for her. I Bought my tickets the next day !
    I met her in May, staying together in Kiiv. That was just fantastic. for the first time since years i felt a woman cared about me. Although she is shy and a little bit reserved, she showed me her interest and more her feelings. I also had the opportunity to meet her best friend there. Since the end of May she began to take french lessons and i began to learn Russian. We both enjoy each others languages. In 1 week now we'll be together again in Ukraine for 3 weeks...and that time with her 2 children. I will also be presented to her parents. I am a bit anxious...but so impatient.

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    Bonne chance, mais faire attention!
    The problem to think about is where will you live together if you take this romance to ultimate marriage. I assume that you are sure you will get your lady and her children into France? I don't know the French visa position, but it is not an easy one for the British now. Are you prepared to live in Ukraine? Can you support yourself here?
    Love is wonderful, but I've learned about the difficulties of loving a lady in a non EU country.


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      Just take LOT`SA time and get to know her as much as it can be done.

      I just passed the 7 1/2 year mark with my bride from Cherkassy. It does work!

      Retirement sucks! You never get a day off!!!


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        Mike, we have planned to see each others at least every 2 months. I know that even that is not enough It will work. Gizmo, Getting a visa is also difficult in France now but it is possible ! We plan she comes to France for some hollidays next year (turist visa). As regard to living in Ukraine....we'll see. I know that it will be a long and difficult process and i take the challenge