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Looking ukrainian for some questions

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  • Looking ukrainian for some questions

    hey I want to know a lot about ukraine,

    I have plan to travel from Warsaw to L'viv and Kiev with hitchhiking

    if any have msn or something send me a private message!

    greetings from barcelona, spain.

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    Hi, a nice advanture. However it is not quite easy to do in Ukraine. The Ukrainians do not like to stop for taking someone strange on board. I tried to do this about 10 years ago. My tips for you:
    - make a plate with your destination on it so that drivers can see where you are going. Make sure your destination on the plate is well readable for drivers.
    - you have more chances to catch a track driver than a private driver. And it is alwayes easier to do on stops (gas stations, bus stops, places for rest etc).
    - if no one takes you up and there is a traffic police nearby, then give them some money so that the stop a track for you and ask the driver to take you.
    - ALWAYS ask how much money a driver wants for helping you before getting in to a car. It may happen that at the end of your trip the driver asks you some money. The gas is expensive in Ukraine so when drivers take passengers they do not do it for free, as usual.