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Searching for Dobrianskyj Relative Living in Lviv

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  • Searching for Dobrianskyj Relative Living in Lviv

    I am searching for a living relative of my father, Jaroslav Dobrianskyj, who is a an engineer living in Lviv.
    My father died a few years ago without passing this information to me. I live in NY and plan to visit Lviv and Nyzhankovichi, to learn more about my father's past. I would like to make contact with this person before making plans to visit. My grandfather's name was Nicholas Dobrianskyj and my grandmother's name was Angela Komar, who lived in Nyzhankovichi, near Prezmtsyl . My father left Lviv in 1944, finished his medical studies and became a doctor in Germany in 1947, and then emmigrated to the US. If anyone can tell me how to find my father's relative, please contact me.

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    Dear CG,

    You might like to try the following approach:

    First transliterate the family name into cyrillic using the1) Ukrainian transliterator UA Translit - Ukrainian Transliteration and Spell Checker or 2) the Steve Morse site One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse (this site can give you various alternative cyrillic spellings if the transliteration site result does not work for you)

    Secondly use this website Телефонный справочник which is an old list of contact details and DOB info from the 1990's. Use Google translate to look for the link called 'All Ukraine' the word Ukraine in cyrillic starts with Ykpajna or similar then enter the family name in cyrillic in the first field along the top line. (The ukrainian word for surname starts with a letter that looks like a zero with a vertical line through it.) Use google tranlsate to help you.

    According to some information I tranlsated from ukrainain site some time ago this link should be for a Lviv phonebook. I haven't verified it.

    There are probably other Ukrainian telphone books available on line. again I would suggest using google translate to get the cyrillic translation of 'Lviv telephone directory' and put that into google and see what you get.

    I would also try typing in the cyrillic version of the surname you are searching into google and see what comes up. There may well be living relatives with facebook pages etc.

    My last suggestion is to translate the word geneology into cyrillic and use google to see if there are any specific Ukrainain geneology sites that might possibly have some infomration on the history of your family.

    I hope that I have given you enough tools and suggestions for you to start exploring what is accessible on-line. Just remember google translate is your friend! Google Translate


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      Thank you so much for this information, in case I did not send you a response in the past. I am still searching for my lost relatives in Lviv, but I have not yet tried all your suggestions. I will let you know if I get any closer to making family connections. Christina


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