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Looking for a Wife from the Ukraine

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  • Looking for a Wife from the Ukraine

    Dear Ladies,
    I am looking for a woman that wants to marry for love and being cared for more than money or anything else. I prefer young beautiful women from 18-40 years old, most likely about 21-25 years old.Tall ,green eyes are my preference but not necessary,long hair prefer red or a red tint,strawberry blond, who is very smart. I want a woman who is my equal in every way, I do not want a house keeper I want a warm ,loving woman that can be my friend,campanion,confidont,lover and wife. Since more than likely I will be older, she has to be a honest woman who when I pass will inherit everything I have and that we make together,and is willing to take idea's from my children's wishes as will be put in writing.
    To be clear I am really looking for a wife,young,beautiful,gentle,smart,compassionate,willing to be taken care of and caring for me. An equal partner in all things.That wants love more than any thing made or that cost money. Who would rather stay home to be with each other or alone on a beach,mountain just to be together and not want to always go out parting. All I promise is a life that you will be loved with everything I have. Nothing more,nothing less.

    I will know you instantly,It will have to be your choice,

    Love Already,