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    Dear Julia of Vinnitsa Ukraine,
    I have been wanting to reply to your message but have been unable to for reasons beyond my control. If you so happen to read this post I have wink at you and wanted to talk to you for weeks now.I have had alot of messages from alot of women but you and 1 other have been the only ones that have caught my attention. I would love it if we could really talk. IOf you really are interested and want to talk to me either reply to this personal or go to my profile where you first posted a message to me and get my email.Either way would be great.I will reply to your message from your original post but it will be a couple weeks before I can,due to reason I can not control. If you really want to have a partner that will keep you safe,Love you like Crazy,treat you as an equal in everything and way.Then Awnser me and we can begin.

    Love you from first Glance,