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  • Re: Europe Trip with a Ukrainian girlfriend

    Just thought of sharing this experiece with the members of the forum, which could be useful.

    My Italian friend has a Ukrainian girlfriend and he has had trouble meeting her in Kiev so he decided to invite her over to Italy and travel to some places there. It turned out that the biggest issue was to get an visa to the girlfriend in Kiev because the Embassy's procedures are rather strict.

    At the end of the day, he had to book a holiday at a travel agency in Kiev (I have recommmended him the agency that I use regularly here in Kiev: GPA Travel Agency - tel. +380 44 223 92 01) from Italy for her to be able to travel to Italy. with a booked holiday it was really easy to get a visa because the travel agent could easily comply with the Embassy's requirements and obtain the visa to Italy without a problem.

    They enjoyed the holiday in Italy but it is amazing what a hassle it is get a visa to Europe for a Ukrainian national. Of couse, with a holiday trip from a travel agent it is easy and a pleasant experience, but how to do it without a travel agent I really have no idea.

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    On this subject... I used a company in London, Scotts tours, many times over the years. I have nothing but praise for them, they really can pull rabbits out of hats! They can help at both ends...

    Scott's Tours - Affordable tailor-made travel to Russia, India, China, and more


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      hi there

      I was wondering if anyone knows a good travel agent in kiev that makes trips form ukraine to either germany or holland??i am trying to get my boyfriend over. thanks in advance for any information.