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Do western women seek Ukrainian/FSU men?

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  • Do western women seek Ukrainian/FSU men?


    My name is Jessica Honeyball and I work for Zigzag Productions, an independent television production company in London, UK which has both a well respected reputation and considerable experience in making documentary films. At the moment I am working on the development of a series for a major UK broadcaster which looks at women increasingly assuming roles more traditionally associated with men, and in this specific case looking at British and western women seeking foreign men for marriage.

    We are hoping to produce a documentary that looks at Western women turning the traditional roles of seeking foreign partners on their heads, and getting online or otherwise to find their future husbands outside of the UK. On the internet Former Soviet Union countries have almost become synonymous with marital introduction websites and it seems that brides from every corner of the globe are seeking western men on the internet. But what we have been interested in finding are western women seeking foreign husbands. According to various blogs and international dating sites there seem to be a growing number of western marriage-hungry women becoming disillusioned with the western dating game and looking for happiness further away from home, however there don’t seem to be any specific sites offering western women the chance to search for and meet a foreign husband.

    We are extremely keen to discover whether any existing couples are living in the UK or US where British women have actively sought a foreign (FSU) husband and asked him to relocate to their home country.

    I wondered whether anyone was aware of any such couples who are co-habiting/married/divorced where the Western woman has gone out of her way to meet him outside of her country? Or any independent western women and foreign men who are seeking to marry the other? I would love to talk to anyone who is able to shed any light on this.

    My email address is and contact number (+44) 0207 017 8755 and I very much look forward to hearing from anyone who is willing to help us with our research (confidentially, with of course no commitment to filming at this stage).

    Thank you so much for your time!


    Jessica Honeyball
    Assistant Producer

    Zig Zag Productions
    13–14 Gt. Sutton St
    London – EC1V 0BX
    Tel: (0)207 017 8755
    Fax: (0)207 017 8770

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    I am an English guy who met a Ukrainian wife on line and we have been together for 5 years so can vouch for International on line love..
    John 3/16


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      There do not seem to be any commercial mail order groom agencies
      in Ukraine, except for the company, Golden Boys, that provides husbands
      for western homosexuals looking to marry.
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      æ, !

      Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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        I laughed til I cried.

        æ, !

        Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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          LOL!!!!!! Awesome Kathy, I had a good laugh as well but....!!!

          Is this for real??? "Jessica Honeyball and I work for Zigzag Productions???"

          Slava Ukraini


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            American beauty.... heh... ...


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              Hi Katya

              How nice to see your presence again! I do have many things to share with you. I just had a wonderful discussion on women on the forum of my old primary school class (primary schools in Poland have 8 grades). I found my old school friends (mainly girls) in wonderful shape after 40 years. You can imagine - what a joy to meet them - also personally.
              Women, you are better part of our world!!!!!!!!!!!!
              (it may still be funny now that my own sex is blurred by my foreign name to some Americans, but not to Ukrainians of course)


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                Spring greetings, Kathy

                Hi Kathy, let me understand you. Did you use my regular e-address lech@..... while sending your message?


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                  Originally posted by Kathy
                  I'm surprised you would use such a vulgar term, as you haven't in the past. But, to each his own. . . . is it a reference to the link, American women, or something else?
                  Oh, no any serious accusations please. It is a very typical Ukrainian internet jargon word ( rather a construction from three different words). It can be offensive it you take literally and separately. My congratulation on understanding of modern Ukrainian slang ! If you visit Ukr forums you can meet many much more serious ones. I can only imagine what they might be in this case…. Sorry.

                  I just clicked on the link you advised , and saw I suppose male images and proposals. Almost all of them were about money, property .etc. Perhaps I should have written ‘ Eternal American dream ‘ or one more way to it. Sorry again , I am not American you know...


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                    Why so serious?

                    Serhii, may I ask: Why are you so serious? The topic rather light so please keep smiling and abandon an ugly-American-capitalist approach.


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                      Hello Zbyshek , nice to meet you , and of course you may ask me all you want - my pleasure to answer. You know I am having serious problems with the internet and it makes me tooooo serious, not that site. Did you have a look at it ? Very special American humor – nothing more, especially if you know it beforehand . I didn’t. As I am not familiar much with American entertainment it makes me confused sometimes. I do NOT criticize anything /anyone . I simply do not know when to laugh when watching Springer’s / Sasha Baron’s etc. shows. Seems to me that the site is from the same row. I am not prepared. Should I have written ‘Beauty of American humor’ ?

                      Perhaps we don’t have enough practice . Are you more advanced in Poland ? Don’t think ze jestem stronnikem Samoobrony czy innych durniow – mamy wiele takych samych tu u siebie. Codzienne komedii z wazsego Sejmu czy naszej Rady napewne sa niezrozumiale dlia innych. Wish we had their problems. Mamy co mamy ( = swoje komedii).


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                        Women and politics

                        Originally posted by Serhii View Post
                        Perhaps we don’t have enough practice . Are you more advanced in Poland ? Don’t think ze jestem stronnikem Samoobrony czy innych durniow – mamy wiele takych samych tu u siebie. Codzienne komedii z wazsego Sejmu czy naszej Rady napewne sa niezrozumiale dlia innych. Wish we had their problems. Mamy co mamy ( = swoje komedii).
                        Hi Serhii, I must admit I did not study that American website thoroughly. Moreover, I do not understand the Ukrainian word you used but, also basing on Kathy's opinion, I assumed you were serious while the topic was not.
                        I think that the most of psychological female problems are the same or similar regardless of the country, its political system. My country newly embraced market economy with all possible consequence, good or bad. I can not say whether the women are better or worse then. They just try to adapt - it is typical human feature. My general theory is that women are more sensitive and have more to lose in romantic relationship.
                        Back to your political appendix - the myriad political parties like Samoobrona have been outside our parliament since last elections held in October last year. Now, things are going in definitely better general direction.
                        Yes, the most of politicians' problems bitterly diverge with public opinion. Luckily, people rejected the terrible twins so that the skies over Poland are clearer now.
                        I am really surprised you efficiently used Polish - was it cut& paste or something genuine? In the latter case - chapeaux bas!


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                          Hello Zbyszek, couldn’t answer earlier because of terrible connection , but during that time one more romantic story has happened. Clay has recently shared news about his marriage and his bride is from Poland.

                          I have just excellent friends in England ( mixed Polish-English family) and their son found his wife in Poland as well . On the 12th of April they are having a wedding in a small town in Lublin area ( very close to Ukrainian border). And again it is a romantic story . They are going to live in England and keep relations with Poland. Isn’t it wonderful !

                          As for my Polish – thank you very much for nice words. For sure I wrote everything by myself. I don’t have any problem with understanding when listen or read but feel some difficulties when speak or write. No any practice you know.


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                            We need inspiration even in the XXIth century

                            Nice to read the above Serhii. We are here to discuss,to dispute, to quarrel but even while sensing the difference we should appreciate every effort aimed at making our world more friendly.
                            Marriage of Clay and Diana sets particularly appealing example of being able to love in spite of centuries of history dividing two nations. The words of Ivan Franko come to my mind [Franko was bi-lingual Ukrainian-Polish writer] concerning two nations extremely distant and extremely close.