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From Ukraine to Canada???

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  • From Ukraine to Canada???


    I am looking for someone who might have some experience in the
    Canadian immigration process. I am a Canadian citizen wishing to marry a girl from Simferopol. I am going to Ukraine to marry her and I was wondering which method is better or easier for her.
    To apply from within Ukraine or for me to send an application from Canada.
    Any inside imformation would be most appreciated.


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    Hi, where in Canada do you live? Best info you can get is from Canadian gov. Application to Sponsor a Member of the Family Class you can call them for info as well. Click on the blue link to sponsor a member of family.

    Good luck and God bless.

    Slava Ukraini


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      Dobko did well answering the original question, can I hijack this thread and ask one of my own?

      How do people do this whole "across the ocean" marriage thing? How does a Canadian know that the Ukrainian lady isn't marrying him just for the immigration? What about language barrier? I am not against such marriages, especially those that work out, but I am very curious. Please share your story / thoughts.


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        Are you aware of any statistics on this matter? I don't know why anyone would do research on this issue, but it would be nice to know. How many marriages like that (across the ocean) failed and compare it to the national averages. My guess would be that it may not stand out at all, but it is just a guess.


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          WOW, even 6 years ago 95% is crazy high. I guess my gut instinct was that it wouldn't work, hence the curiosity... thanks.


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            Originally posted by Kathy
            The INS keeps statistics on the number of people who enter the US on fiance visas, and how many leave after marriage before a green card (within 2 years of marriage). Both of those were pretty high.

            There was also a study done in Russia by an American psychologist (who now lives in Russia) on the failure rate, and it was around 95%. That was around 6 years ago or so. I don't know if it is still accurate.
            Would you be able to provide some details of the second point such as the author and what it was published in? I know quite a few people who would disagree vehemently. Are the stats from the first point available on the net?

            Originally posted by Kathy
            I think it depends on what people are looking for and how willing they are to compromise.

            Men looking for a Ukrainian wife because "American women are all bad" are not as likely, I think, to find a good match. They may have had unrealistic expectations to begin with.

            To make a marriage work, I think one needs to respect the soul you are living with.
            I think a person needs to respect themselves to, so many of the people I see have a self image problem and it looks like they feel they have to have someone so they'll be ok. Its like a mid-life crisis.

            Another problem I see is the idea that a Ukrainian or Russian Woman is going to drop everything just to do the housework for you. Whereas a western woman is more likely to stand her ground and demand that the male helps or does his own.


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              V-G, I gotta throw in with you on this one. Conventional wisdom says "it's a con, it'll never work"...blah, blah, blah. But, I'd like to see stats. Stats that can be duplicated or at least corroborated.

              I have run across contrarian opinions by an outfit called "Elena's Models" (a group out of Australia, believe it or not), but no numbers.

              As for me, I'll likely follow singer Travis Tritt's advice: Next time I feel like getting married, instead I'll just find some woman who despises me and I'll buy her a house.


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                is5512, I am finally aboard with your humour! Thanks for another laugh on a Tuesday morning!

                Mind you, I am getting married in August, and as it turns out I can't buy anyone a house anyways (perks of being poor)... the bank may be able to buy us something smaller for a very unreasonable rate and I will owe the bank for the rest of my life. Even if I turn out to be immortal I will still owe .


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                  Thanks Kathy, I'll do a google search sometime and show some people it to see what they think.

                  Elena's Models is based in Australia, she married a South African and started the business there but moved to Australia, Southern Queensland coast so she has made fair bit of money from it. The thing with her site is she hasn't registered it with a address so she is probably not being taxed on her earnings from it.


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                    How will they know if their life will be better?


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                      i don't know. I think people should get to know each other first.


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                        I would say its best to have her come here as a visitor, get married in Canada, then have her apply for a visitors visa. Then do the immigration process inside Canada If you do the immigration outside of Canada it could take forever.

                        My wife is from Australia and that is what we did.