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Dia Dhuit from Ireland, Looking for a female Ukrainian Pen pal.

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  • Dia Dhuit from Ireland, Looking for a female Ukrainian Pen pal.

    Dia Dhuit/Hello,

    I am 35 year old professional male from Ireland and looking for a female pen pal from Ukraine. I am very interested in finding out more about Ukrainian culture, history, cuisine and popular culture and would love a pen pal to chat about these issues and every day topics.

    As mentioned earlier I am 35 years old and work as a psychologist with marginalized groups and immigrant in Ireland, in my free time I enjoy the outdoors, surfing, hill walking. I also enjoying reading, music/going to concerts, cooking so if you share similar interests or just want to know more about Ireland I would love to hear from you.

    Kindest regards

    Is Mise

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    Welcome to the website

    I wish you luck with your search for Ukrainian female penfriend. However, I thought I would mention that the majority of readers and contributors to this site are of the Ukrainian diaspora. They live in the USA, Canada, Australia etc but come originally from Ukraine, or their parents do.

    I met my Ukrainian lady through a website:- TAU2

    It is basically a dating/ introduction site and you must create a personal profile of yourself and confirm some details. You can send short text messages to ladies you wish to correspond with for free. You only start paying if you decide to send longer messages, or read their longer messages to you. If you spend enough (credits bought in advance) writing/ reading from a particular lady (around $25) you may exchange personal details without them being filtered out.