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Help needed to correct some transcriptions

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  • Help needed to correct some transcriptions

    I have transcribed some cyrillic birth records from the 1800's from Medencze (Midyanitsa) in Zakaparttia. I do not speak Ukrainian and I know that I have made mistakes. In particular I have difficulty distinguishing between handwritten , , , , , . Some of the priests used greek letters such as omega for 'o' and greek ypsilon for .

    Would any one have some time and importantly patience (with me), to correct my transcriptions and also teach me how to read and interpret these records? Birth, death and marriage records from the Zakarpattia region can be written in Latin, Hungarian or cyrillic. The older cyrillic records can be written in old church slavonic (where they incorporate greek letters) or use older letters such as . The records can be a mixture of cyrillic and roman letters. All very confusing for a novice such as myself. I can be contacted either by private message on this forum or via the contact page at:

    Kind regards

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    Hi do you use facebook? There is a group, Genealogy translations that is very helpful.


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      Hi Helen, I am aware of the genealogy FB group. There are restrictions on the amount of translation you can ask for. I have transcribed almost 300 marriage record entries. I was hoping for someone on this forum to act as a tutor so I can learn to read the cyrillic records with fewer mistakes. If someone is willing to be my go-to person for questions, then of course they will get membership of my website.