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    Hello Everybody...

    Iam trying to find some good reliable genealogist who is able to do some research for me. I have been trying to find some records for last few years but I guess I dont need to mention how impossible is it to be looking for ancestors in Ukraine. I also have been in touch with some people who were able to do some research - well I had to give up after some time as these guys were able to charge me over 1000USD for maybe 3 generations only, so very bad experience and we must all know what is the real hour rate for normal Ukrainian people...... Another experience when I finally received all my records from archive and a women I got in touch with who were suppose to pick up these records from archive charged me another unbelievable money only by "taking a taxi" to archive - I mean, sorry but taking a taxi instead of public bus is a bit too much and being even rude to me that I mentioned to her why dont you take a bus as all normal people..... I honestly dont want to think that most of genealogists in Ukraine are just using this opportunity and charging 10x times more than other genealogists in other part of Europe! but so far...

    Is there anyone who could suggest someone realiable and cost friendly please? Im interested in Chernivtsi region only (Sadgora)...
    Please, dont mention name Vasyl - I know he lives there and is able to do some research, but I think I better skip this person this time, he might probably ask me again if I want to buy his motorcycle

    Thank you for your tips and recommendations!

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    The funny thing is that i do not have any motorcycle and never did. But if you are of such opinion on me then it is your right.
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      You are dealing with a former Soviet Union country. The government style there is still very transactional.

      Regional and especially RAHS employees have their hand out in exchange for any cooperation. You are not just paying for your researcher's time. If your researcher doesn't have the appropriate relationship w/the archives, "you" will be paying through your teeth.

      Denigrating Wasyl doesn't help you.

      He has been a researcher for a long time and he does what is asked of him.

      Try making an inquiry on your own and see what time-consumption and frustration you encounter at both the regional and county level archives, where records you need are located.

      Good Luck!
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      æ, !

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        Can anyone help translate the following;
        lds film 2152027 item 5 image 378
        June 24, 1877 . hse 99 . Julia
        father . ?? s/o Adam Tracz and Anne ??
        Maria d/o ? (yoachim ? ) ? and ??