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  • Family from Rohatyn

    My Great Grandfather was originally from Rohatyn. He was born in 1899 and had a family that he lost during WWI. He was anti Soviet and fled west during the inter-war years. He had owned a farm prior to leaving. In Nazi Germany he met my Great Grandmother who was from Lviv. They worked on a labor farm through WWII before taking a liberty boat to Philadelphia in 1951. They were originally headed for western Pennsylvania to farm. When they arrived, they were assigned a surname based on pronunciation, but my Great Grandmother had his headstone spelled differently. Neither spelling comes up in any search older than the liberty ship manifest in 1951. They both took the secret to the grave when he died in 1986 and she in 2014. Does anyone here know of a surname that sounds like Stasurak or Stasiurak from Rohatyn. The 'r' sound is key. Thanks.

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    Hello Stazz. It looks to me like has been abandoned so maybe we have to help each other where we can. I posted here a few years ago and found the people very helpful.
    I searched for the name for you on ancestry and 2 family trees came up but I'm afraid were private. Rohatyn, Prykarpatia. Lynne anne stasurak and Iwan stasura. Hope that helps.
    Are you on facebook? There are many helpful groups you can join. If your ancestors were jewish there is a brilliant one called tracing the tribe.


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      I agree that got abandoned website. Surname sounds more like Srasiuk. in case you need any assistance with searches write me to
      interpreter, guide, travel assistant all over Ukraine.