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Updates: Carpathian Reflections

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  • Updates: Carpathian Reflections

    Updates to Carpathian Reflections

    Of interest to those looking for family from the Zakarpattia region. The Infantry REgiment records also contain personnel from Galizia

    I have updated the Carpathian Reflections website with films that have been completed since the beginning of the year. Please note that to view the transcriptions, you must have membership. Membership is free upon completion of a transcription exercise of 60 lines of data from the Infantry Regiment 5 records.(Language: German) Apply via the Homepage.

    1. Infantry Regiment 5 personnel records [Access to members only]

    The following databases have been added to the IR 5 page.

    Film 1186201

    Film 1186202

    Film 1186203

    Note that I have included my best estimate of the current locality name of the birthplace for each recruit. Please verify. There may be alternate options.

    2. Subdatabases section

    The following information has been transcribed.

    140971 items 8-item 11:

    These sections contain passport applications and emigration documents and correspondence. S Correspondence can include proof of military service and parental or guardian permission for children to emigrate. There is usually a table noting occupation, age, residence and destination. Not all emigrants went to the United States. There are some travelling to other parts of Europe. All are from Ugocsa v.m

    Contains 264 lines of data

    Film 2391579

    Items 1- 12: Parish Correspondence

    The correspondence relates to:

    a)Permission for marriage between closely-related kin. This material includes family tree diagrams.

    b) Requests for marriages between people of different faiths.

    c)Requests for permission to change faith

    d) Unregistered children and legality of marriages

    e) Corrections to parish registers

    Correspondence may include birth, death & marriage extracts.

    The names in these certificates have also been extracted. Very often Family tree information (including sketches) is given.

    There are often several letters per correspondence topic. This sub-database has names extracted from the groups of letters. 660 lines of data