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    Looking for information on my grandmothers family. Valentina Alekseevna Getsch came to the US in 1933 with my father, Walter who at the time was 14 months old. He was born in Moscow June 11, 1932. Valentina was born in Moscow June, 1913. On ship manifest her father is listed as her contact back home. His name is Aleskej Getsch. However, that seems to be a phonetic spelling. On a marriage certificate here in US, her last name is listed as Gaige. I can not find any information on that surname. Hoping someone can help me trace her roots. She had two sisters, one Nina and one Antonina. Her mother name is Marina. Her father might have been a train conductor though we cannot verify. Attached is picture of Valentina and one of her two sisters.
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    Following is all I could find re surname : Гейц > Москва

    Фамилия Гейц имеет довольно интересную историю происхождения и относится к распространенному типу англо-шотландских фамилий.

    Отдельные переселенцы с Британских островов начали прибывать в Россию в самом конце XVI в. Кроме английских купцов, приезжали и наемные солдаты из Шотландии, бежавшие с родины по религиозным или каким-либо другим причинам. Позднее, в основном в XIX в., колония британских иммигрантов пополнилась специалистами в различных областях техники, управляющими, купцами со всей Великобритании.

    Ряд старинных русских родов претендует на западноевропейское происхождение, основываясь на фантастических генеалогиях, какие были особенно в моде в XVII в. и до сих пор приводятся иными недостаточно критичными авторами. Тем не менее, для некоторых фамилий англо-шотландского происхождения этимология устанавливается с несомненной подлинностью.

    Существует две версии происхождения Гейц. Скорее всего, она образована от английского нарицательного Gates ворота или ведёт начало от древнескандинавского gata - дорога. Следовательно, прозвище Гейтс мог получить привратник или странник. Впоследствии в фамилии, первоначально звучавшей как Гейтс, произошло слияние звуков т и с в единый ц.

    Также нельзя исключать, что фамилия Гейц восходит к немецкому Geiz скупость, жадность, алчность. В этом случае

    The surname Geits has a rather interesting origin history and belongs to a common type of Anglo-Scottish surnames.

    Selected immigrants from the British Isles began to arrive in Russia at the very end of the XVI century. In addition to English merchants, mercenary soldiers from Scotland also came, who fled from their homeland for religious or some other reasons. Later, mainly in the XIX century, a colony of British immigrants was replenished with experts in various fields of technology, managers, merchants from all over the UK.

    A number of old Russian clans claim to be of Western European origin, based on fantastic genealogies, which were especially in vogue in the XVII century. and are still cited by other insufficiently critical authors. However, for some surnames of Anglo-Scottish origin, the etymology is established with undoubted authenticity.

    There are two versions of the origin of the Goiz. Most likely, it is formed from the English common Gates - gate or originates from the Old Norse gata - road. Consequently, the nickname Gates could get a gatekeeper or a wanderer. Subsequently, in the family name that originally sounded like Gates, the sounds of t and c merged into a single c.

    Also it cannot be excluded that the surname Goyz goes back to the German Geiz - greed, greed, greed.
    Chances are you will likely need to contact both regional and state archives:


    Part D - Local State Archives in Moscow and St. Petersburg
    Last update of part: 10 February 2019

    Archival Reference Bibliography (pdf)
    Federal Archives under Rosarkhiv
    Archives under Major Federal Agencies
    Local State Archives in Moscow and St. Petersburg
    Archival Holdings in Academies, Research Institutes, and Universities
    Archival Holdings of Independent Organizations
    Archives and Manuscript Holdings in Libraries
    Archives and Manuscript Holdings in Museums
    Regional Archives of the Russian Federation
    (republic, krai and oblast'archives)
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