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  • Searching for Kylichuk

    Would like to locate Yuriy & Olyesa (Nicoriac ) Kylichuk or anyone related to them .Could be spelt Kiliychuk.
    Last known address , Repuzhyntsi , Ukraine . not sure if previous message posted!

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    Repuzhyntsi = æ (in Ukrainian) > Zastavna raion/district > Chernivtsi oblast/region > UA, latest zip code 59414. Today this historical province is still referred to as Bukowyna by locals. During Interwar Period Romanian name was Rapujinei > Cernaui.

    Village was founded on the right bank of the Dniester River in 1353 by Askold Repuzhynetskij. Village survived many Tartar slave raids between 14th/15th century. Today it still exists w/population of appx 1,900+.

    Old photo of Orthodox Church of the Intercession, built in 1791, in time frame when there were only 25 homes in the village. (Lesia)ldBukowin...

    LDS has filmed Orthodox Church Registers for Repuzhyntsi (1841-1932)

    Following link is geared for Galician Heritage, however Vital Records Section contains HOW-TO research records in Old Church Slovanic which LDS lists incorrectly as Russian. Make sure to obtain a transliteration (sounds-like) of your surname using Cyrillic Alphabet, before starting your research.

    Today there are three Kilichuk listed as still living in selo/village Rypushyntsi:
    Kylichuk Yuriy (George) son of Hryhoriy (Gregory)
    Kylichuk Marya daughter of Wasyl
    24495 1975-07-23
    Kylichuk Olesia (Lesia) daughter of Petro (Peter)
    History of Bukovyna/Bukowyna/Bukowina:

    æ, !

    Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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      Thank you for your quick response ! Could you tell me how I could find a phone nu.
      or a mailing address ???


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        Hello Walter (Wlodko).

        I suggest you contact the Village Mayor (Wasyl Kopchuk) and ask him to make contact for you.

        Copy address as follows:

        . æ
        . , . 5
        Φ -
        Φ .
        Ukraine - 59414

        æ, !

        Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp