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    My Grandfather Mykyta (Michael) Wowk was born in 1891 in Tovsten'ke, Husiatyn, Ternopil, Ukraine. I know that as a young man he was immigrated to Argentina and then in 1912 moved to Manitoba in Canada where he had family. The Ellis Island records show a brother Oteksa Wowk. Looking for more information on him and his family.

    I think his uncle may have been known as Alexander Wowk. I know grandfather had a cousin Mickey.

    He he later moved to Alberta in Canada. I think his parents were Nicholas and Anne.

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    OLEKSA is Alexander in English.

    Mickey could be nick for Mykola/Nicholas or Myhajlo/Michael?

    The name of the village is Touste (pronounced Towste). Tovstenke is endearing name for village. Touste had its own GC and RC Parish and Jewish Kahil.

    Mykyta (Ukrainian: [mkt]) is a Ukrainian given name, cognate of Belarusian Mikita and Russian Nikita, all originally borrowed from Greek Nicetas.

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      Thank you so much. That makes sense. Im having a hard time finding anyone else researching this family. Most spppreciated.


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        Wowk is transliteration/sounds like from Ukrainian . It translates to English word for WOLF, a very common surname notwithstanding the country.

        There are still 3 Wowk's listed as living in selo/village Tovste:
        1928-05-05 48
        Marya, daughter of Ivan
        0 1944-05-07 41
        Olha, daughter of Volodymir
        0 1963-04-21 48
        Ivan, son of Myhajlo/Michael

        ( ) >

        Selo Tovste > Husyatynskij raion/district was established on the Hnylka River in 1654. It was first referred to in 1420. Today there are still 547 people living there.
        It is clustered w/selo Kut, with which it shares the mayor and address code.

        Address for Village Mayor (Wasyl Bilyanskij) - address can be copied as is:

        - .
        . Ԧ, 25
        Ц .
        UKRAINE - 48232

        PS: There is a selo/village Tovstenke > CHORTKIV district> Ternopil region. Are your sure that your ancestral village was in Husyatin?

        Three Wowk listed in Tovstenke
        Evhenia daughter of Volodymir
        Evstakhiy son of Stefan
        Evstakhiy son of Yosef

        excerpt from Wikipedia:
        ̦ 1900 2132 ̦. ̦ ͦ* , , .

        In 1900 on, Tovstenke there were 2,132 residents. Many villagers w/little land ownership emigrated to Canada, USA and Argentina.
        Get in touch w/Sylvia (Canadian-Ukrainian) w/contacts in the immediate area. She might be able to recommend someone to do some archival work for you.
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          Originally posted by Easyfordkid View Post
          Thank you so much. That makes sense. Im having a hard time finding anyone else researching this family. Most spppreciated.
          If you need a help with a research, i would be able to help you with it.
          interpreter, guide, travel assistant all over Ukraine.