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  • Updates: Carpathian Reflections

    Happy New Year everyone. This is relevant for the Zakarpattia region of Ukraine.The Infantry Regiment 5 records also contain some recruits from Galizia. Membership required to view transcriptions.

    Updates to Carpathian Reflections

    1. Uzhorod Voter lists [Access to members only]

    I am pleased to announce that transcription of the Uzhorod voter lists is completed and all finalized databases have been posted to the Uzhorod Voter list page at:

    Data for the following films has been added:

    Film 2415423 items, 9, 10, 11 (Parts 16, 17, 18)

    Film 2415436 items 1, 2 (Parts 19, 20)

    For parts 17-20, an extra column has been added to the databases to document the image number of the film. I am not going to revise the earlier databases. I have added a link to the digitized film for each database.

    There will be errors. Please verify transcribed data against the original source.

    This collections contains approximately 15000 line entries.

    2. Infantry Regiment 5 personnel records [Access to members only]

    The following databases have been added to the IR 5 page.

    Film 1186199

    Film 1186200

    In each of these films, about half the records consist form with the recruit name and no other data. The assumption is that these recruits were transferred to another book (Heft). Most of the remaining recruits were born in Transcarpathia.

    Note that I have included my best estimate of the current locality name of the birthplace for each recruit. Please verify. There may be alternate options.

    3. Infantry Regiment 65 death records [Access to members only]

    Transcribed line entries: 1452

    Very few men died a heroic death. Of the 1452 deceased that have been transcribed, only 19 men died in battle. They all died on 24 June 1866, fighting on the Austrian side, in the Battle of Custozza, Lombardy during the Third Italian War of Independence. In fact a military recruit was more likely to die of disease. Over 50% of deaths can be attributed to tuberculosis, typhus, cholera and lung infections.

    The German handwriting in these records was extremely difficult to decipher. We could not determine all of the causes of death.

    4. The Bookshelf [ Free Access]

    Updated with recent acquisitions.


    Membership is free upon completions of a transcription task.

    The default task is 60 lines of data from the Infantry Regiment 5 military personnel records. [German handwriting, no diacritics required.]

    There are also some parish records in Hungarian (diacritics required) and Old Russian Cyrillic as alternative projects.

    Instructions on membership in Hungarian: