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    Hello there Genealogy experts. I am attempting to track down the ship that my ancestors came on before they arrived in Saskatchewan and claimed homestead on June 20 1908. Is it safe to assume that birth certificates we used as passports during the Great Migration??? as my Grandmother's birth certificate is dated early May 1908 and by late June 1908 she was in Saskatchewan.

    Also, I believe my ancestors came to Quebec City in May 1908 from Warez/Horodyszcze on the Ukrainian/Polish border what is a reasonable timeline from there to Homestead land??

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    Ship passenger lists are online at You can type in the year you think your ancestors arrived and what port they left from. Most from Horodenka left from Hamburg. Where in Sask did they settle and what surnames are you looking for?


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      The vast majority of Ukrainian people sailed to Canada from the port of Hamburg and the Hamburg departure manifests are available on ancestry as well as Canadian arrivals manifests. You can also view the Canadian records on the archives Canada website


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        Thank-you BTrain & peacenick for your informative reply's.

        In terms of the Family I am looking for it is either Bashuk or Woytowich both spelled with Polish spelling upon arrival. Baszuk and Wojtowicz. I had guessed that the family had traveled to Hamburg to board a ship but either the records are lost or they travelled to the U.S before proceeding to Saskatchewan Krydor Saskatchewan to be specific. I was unable to find shipping records from the time they must have left Hamburg between may and June 1908. I looked on to no avail. I tried to look up most of the people in the Ukrainian Catholic cemetery in Krydor so I would recognise other names from shipping records at the to without luck. My grandfather applied for homestead land on June 20 1908 and I have my grandmother's birth certificate and that is dated May 1908. any other hints? my grandmother was related to Wojtiuk's as listed as godmother and she was baptized in Varaz or Warez but lived in Horodyszcze while my grandfather came from Rusin near by if that might be of help. Thanks for any other help you may be able to offer.