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  • Family Brick Wall

    I am trying to find out information out about my ancestry and have hit a brick wall with my great grandparents. Here is what I do have:

    Andrew Kopcho
    Born 3/23/1889 in Velikiye Komyaty (everything he has says Austria/Hungry/Czechoslovakia)
    Immigrated to the US in April 1914. It appears he came through Patras Greece. According to the passanger list he was in Sevastopol at one point as well. They also had his name spelled as Kopse

    Sophia Melata (sp) Kopcho
    Born 3/1/1891 I believe the same town but I do not have one listed.
    Immigrated 2/1921
    Parents are (I believe) Charles and Sophie Kozup Maleta and her brother was Charles Maleta all of Austria/Hungry.

    They were married at a St. Michaels Church on 1/25/1911 by a Rev. John Haroby.

    I know the region that at least my Great Grandpa Andrew was born in has been through so much so I am sure documentation will be hard to find. I did find a Gora Korpcha that was persecuted during WW2 in Velikiye Komyaty but don't know if there is a connection. I also know that the US 1930 census was correct to say that the language they spoke was Ruthenian.

    If anyone has any tips or recognizes these surnames and could tell me more about them I would greatly appreciate it!

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    ˦ ' = Velyki Komyaty > Vynohradskij raion/district > Zakarpaska oblast > Ukraine. Village was established in 1345. When your immigrant ancestors emigrated, (from late 18th century to 1919) this region was a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today this village has a population of appx 6,700+/

    What is it that you would like to find out?

    æ, !

    Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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      Do you know if any resource I can use here on line to find documents like marriage or birth records. We are tyring to complete our family tree but seem to be stuck with my Great Grandparents. I know there has been so much turnover so I am trying not to lose hope. Trying to find anything on sites like is starting to become impossible.