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Chornivka village / Sadgora

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  • Chornivka village / Sadgora

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to get some help to get some info about this village where my ancestors are coming from.
    Could anyone help me please?

    The family was Catholic and they were Sadgora parishioners, there is a local church which was founded in 1777.

    I've been in touch with one of the guys who are doing reasearch in Chernivtsi region but they only found out that records before 1870 are probably still in local church in Chornivka, not in main archive.

    Is there anyone please who would be able to find out if this church really got these records?
    I could not find any contact details to parish church in Chornivka village or any other info.

    If there is anyone who could help somehow please or any advice? you can also contact me at

    Thank you! Lucas
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      St. Michael the Archangel

      General information:
      Location Sadhora
      Parish St. Michael the Archangel
      served by priests Sadhora
      Chernivtsi deanery
      Parish priest fr. Krzysztof SAPALSKI
      Region Chernivtsi
      District Sadhora
      Street Pidkovy 10
      phone +38(03725)61437


      Also available in Polish:Sadogóra

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        Hi and happy new year,

        Sadagora is also on familysearch, but mainly not direct acess, access from Mormon center, it is funny my neighbour come from same village.
        This village was austrian, romanian in old time.,1249092-50

        Best regards


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          Hello and thank you for your replies!!!

          I've emailed to Krzysztof Sapalski so hopefully he will get back to me.

          Also, yes I checked all metrical books which are available online / Mormon center already (Familysearch got records only from 1870 for Catholics) and thats why I'm looking for metrical books before 1870 which got to be somewhere... not in archive so I guess they still got to be in some church.

          If anyone would have any more info, please let me know