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Zabizhevski in Lviv query

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  • Zabizhevski in Lviv query

    Hello Hannia,
    May I bother you again, please, to ask about which place in Warsaw (street address would be most helpful....) to make inquiries at, as to whether my great granduncle Mr. Zabizewski who worked as Fire Chief (municipal worker) of Fire Dept in Lviv back in the early 1900's to 1930's I think, and his family, was possibly re-patriated?? I await to hear from you. I thank you. Marcia

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    Marcia, finding anything posted pre 2012 in this forum is next to impossible. Following should take you to correct resource:

    Państwowy Urząd Repatriacyjny (abbreviated PUR, translated into English as State Repatriation Office, State Office of Repatriation, National Repatriation Office or National Office of Repatriation) was a Polish communist governmental body created on 7 October 1944 to oversee the repatriations in Poland. At first, PUR oversaw repatriations of Poles from Kresy, and from 1945, repatriations of Germans from Regained Territories. Also, in 1945, PUR powers were limited, as some it its competences were transferred to the newly created post of the General Representative of the Government for Repatriation (Generalny Pełnomocnik Rządu do spraw Repatriacji).

    Halgal: Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia

    Archiwum Akt Nowych w Warszawie

    æ, !

    Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp