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1869 Census of Hungary:Ung and Maramaros counties

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  • 1869 Census of Hungary:Ung and Maramaros counties

    Hannia, do you know if the 1869 Census records for Ung and Maramaros counties of Hungary are held in the archives at Uzhorod? I'm looking for villages where my ancestors lived, specifically Solomonovo, Chop, and Tyushka. Please let me know, thanks!

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    I suggest that you try searching the Mormon site -

    I found Slovak records for RC church, 1869 census and Urbarium records back in the day when you had to order 35 mm film from St Lake City. I understand that many of the films are available ON LINE. Perhaps the ones you are interested in.

    You will be dealing with Latin, Ukrainian and Hungarian when viewing these records.

    Good Luck



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      Thank you! I've had some luck on with records from Zemplén and other counties but have yet to see anything for that census from Ung or Maramaros counties. I was figuring since the majority of the land area of those counties is now in Ukraine that the census records might be held at Uzhorod.


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        Tiszasalamon/ later day Solomonove > formerly Kapos jaras/district> Ung megye/county> Austro-Hungarian Empire was predominantly a Hungarian village w/its own Reform Church. The filial GC church was in Palagy. The Jewish kahal was in Czop and the filial RC parish was in Kisrath. There is mention of a tax list in 1715, then a landowners list for 1895. Both are supposedly in Mukachevo Archives, however only available thru research there.

        Csop/Chop > Kapos jaras> Ung megye was predomiantly a Hungarian settlement (railroad hub) w/own Reform Church and Jewish kahal. Total population in 1869 was 1,186. GC parish was in Palagy and RC parish was in Kisrath.

        Tiushka, in 1880 a village of 352, was predominantly a German and Rusyn village> Okormezo jaras> Marmaros megye> Austro-Hungarian Empire. The village had its own GC Church. The Jewish kahal was in Szinever and the filial RC parish was in Mokra.
        Census records served a specific purpose for the Empire. Not all villages were included. Check out following:

        RadixHub :: Places :: Mukachevo

        RadixHub :: Sources

        PS> Uzhorod Archives is run by one of UA's most corrupt archival officials.

        æ, !

        Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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          Normaly census of Ung county are preserved, maybe in Uzghorod or Beregovo , it is not clear.
          for some some census are in beregovo, i think this personn studied Ung county cenus Genealogy - Tourist Guide - Slovakia - Kosice - Bratislava - Guide to Travel Trip Hotel Info Roots Forum Church Birth Records of Slovakia