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Book Historical Demography of A Galician Village

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  • Book Historical Demography of A Galician Village


    [U][B]Historical Demography of A Galician Village B[I]]Pavlokoma Remembered

    This is the working copy of a book that a retired professor in Toronto and I are writing. We have a manuscript drafted and are currently working on getting funds for publication.

    The book has been several years in development. It should appeal to historians , demographers, genealogists and individuals alike.

    Historical Demographers study past populations and typically work with Birth, Marriage, Death and Migration Records for a population. In our case we are studying the village of Pavlokoma from 1787 - 1945.

    The book will contain spreadsheets(>300 pages) of the record types listed above.

    The Professor and I have not been able to locate demographic studies of any Galician or Ukrainian villages.
    Hopefully our work will provide a model for others to use.

    If you have any ideas on how to publish or generate funds we would appreciate your feedback. I know that there are authors/writers in our group and I would love to hear from you.