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  • John Fostek

    Hi guys, it has been a while - trying to figure out another puzzle here.

    I have located some documents but they may not all be the same person but there are some strong matches.

    I was wondering if we can figure out the birthplace or where to go from here.

    I posted the documents here:

    PicPaste - 1910.jpg

    PicPaste - passl_1910.jpg

    PicPaste - ww1.jpg

    The obvious place is Liviv but what is Dyczki? can't find a place near Liviv that matches.

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    Фостик Л.В. Велик╕ Б╕рки, Грушевського 492296

    There is still one Fostyk/Фостик w/telephone listing, living in village Velyki Borki/Велик╕ Б╕рки (which today is clustered w/ hamlet Dyczkiv) > Ternopilskij raion/adm district > Ternopilska oblast/region > Ukraine.


    Там де ╓ Укра╖нц╕, там ╓ Укра╖на!

    Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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      Additionally, Fostyk/Fostek w/landlines living in other villages within Ternopil Region:
      Фостик Б.╤. Гусятинський район, Клювинц╕ (03557) 54261
      Фостик В.Д. Чортк╕вський район, Шманьк╕вчики (03552) 56258
      Фостик В.З. Терноп╕льський район, Б╕ла, Шевченка (0352) 299955
      Фостик В.М. Терноп╕ль, Мазепи (0352) 534075
      Фостик В.Т. Чортк╕вський район, Сосул╕вка (03552) 66580
      Фостик Г.М. Терноп╕ль, Коновальця (0352) 287428
      Фостик Д.М. Терноп╕ль, Савури (0352) 247601
      Фостик Е.М. Терноп╕льський район, Домаморич (0352) 297846
      Фостик З.Т. Терноп╕ль, Укра╖нки (0352) 241544
      Фостик ╤.╤. Гусятинський район, Хоростк╕в, Грушевського (03557) 51549
      Фостик ╤.М. Гусятинський район, Клювинц╕ (03557) 54145
      Фостик Л.В. Терноп╕ль, Укра╖нки (0352) 529797
      Фостик Л.В. Терноп╕льський район, Велик╕ Б╕рки, Грушевського (0352) 492296
      Фостик М.Д. Гусятинський район, Коцюбинц╕ (03557) 44210
      Фостик М.╢. Терноп╕ль, Брод╕вська (0352) 234597
      Фостик М.Ф. Терноп╕ль, Ки╖вська (0352) 267083
      Фостик М.Ф. Терноп╕льський район, Петрик╕в, Сонячна (0352) 495218
      Фостик О.╤. Гусятинський район, Лежан╕вка (03557) 33142
      Фостик О.╤. Чортк╕вський район, Чортк╕в, Грушевського (03552) 21105
      Фостик О.П. Терноп╕ль, Протасевича (0352) 514133
      Фостик О.Т. Гусятинський район, Зелене (03557) 33652
      Фостик П.М. Терноп╕льський район, Велик╕ Га╖, Л╕сова (0352) 490829
      Фостик П.С. Гусятинський район, Па╖вка (03557) 33670
      Фостик Р.╢. Терноп╕ль, Кн.Острозького (0352) 234801
      Фостик С.О. Гусятинський район, Хоростк╕в, Грушевського (03557) 53955
      Фостик С.С. Терноп╕ль, Лучак╕вського (0352) 538574
      Фостик Я.П. Гусятинський район, Б╕лин╕вка (03557) 33120

      Там де ╓ Укра╖нц╕, там ╓ Укра╖на!

      Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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        Thanks Hanna, I guess possible though it seems a little far away from Liviv?


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          Hi Luke and Hannia,

          Have you considered Dychky, Rohatynskiy raion, Ivano-Frankivska oblast?


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            Thanks Richard, seems very possible. His wife Sofia Ciupka who landed as a single house maid according to the 1930 census in 1913 is very likely the Serafyna Ciupka near the bottom of the passenger list posted.

            I assume the hometown Lubela listed on the manifest to be Lyubelya, L'vivs'ka, Ukraine.

            PicPaste - passl_1913.jpg



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              Hi Luke,

              You are correct. Lubela (also spelled Lubella) is present day Lyubelya, Zhovkivskiy raion, Lvivska oblast. See: First Military Survey (1763-1787) | Mapire - The Historical Map Portal, and Second Military Survey (1806-1869) | Mapire - The Historical Map Portal

              Although I could not find any CIUPKA surnames in the village today, it appears that Serafyna also traveled with Marya HUPALO from the same village; I noted 3 HUPALO living in Lyubelya to this day.

              Last edited by rwf; 29th August 2017, 14:01.

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