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Grand Aunt was a Roman Catholic Nun

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  • Grand Aunt was a Roman Catholic Nun

    Hello, I am looking for information with regard to my grand aunt, Pauline Ostrowski. She became a nun and was killed in the blitzkrieg of Warsaw as early as 1939 to as late as 1944. She was a nurse in the Catholic Hopsital for Children. Would anyone know which convent she would have joined and does it still exist? I am hoping to write to learn her saint's name and more details about her life. She was born either in Belz or Worochta, powiat of Sokal.

    Thank you,


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    I believe she was born between 1873 and 1888. I am not sure of her parents names.


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      Until one of our Polish members can help you out, start w/following:

      æ, !

      Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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        Hi Robin:

        I had an aunt who was a RC Nun.She was born in Chorostkow in 1897--survived the war--died in 1980 in Wielen,Poland
        where she spent her final years working as a nurse in a hospice in Wielen.

        The order she belonged to was: The Fransican Sisters Of Mary--"Zgromadzenie Siostr Franciszkanek Rodziny Maryi"
        Dom Zakony W Wieleniu.Try these two sites: --- Dom Zakonny Zgromadzenia Sióstr Franciszkanek Rodziny Maryi w Wieleniu You may need a Polish interpreter
        unless you are fluent in Polish.I had a Polish friend write letters for me and I got a lot of information on my aunt.

        So maybe your aunt belonged to this order??

        Feel free to contact me at--

        "Zenko" Zenis Zyma


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          Thank you, Zenko, for the web address. I do have a friend who can read and write Polish, so I will send her the link and appropriate questions. Wish me luck!



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            Good Luck !

            Good luck--hope she belonged to the same order that my aunt belonged to.

            Feel free to E-mail me.