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    Just want to know if anyone has taken the Ancestry DNA test and if so, was it worth it. Thank you, Maria

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    Hi Maria;

    Using DNA for genealogy purposes has surely additional value. You can try to get in touch with your matches and find some more or less distant family members. Unfortunately some people do not answer questions or do not check their message box in a regular way. You can use some free available additional tools to explore your DNA test results. This is for sure a very modern way to get know more about your family..

    kind regards


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      Hi Maria,

      My wife and I both had our DNA tested. She compared her results with her sisters and had very close results as expected.

      My results were not surprising since my 4 grand parents came from with in a 50-60 mile radius of each other in Poland and Slovakia. The interesting part was the number of potential relatives that were identified. This will give me more leads to follow.

      My feeling is that the future of DNA results as a tool for genealogy studies will only get brighter and brighter as the data base gets bigger and bigger.



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        I found two cousins I did not know existed with as well as And then of course, I found out about 2nd and 3rd cousins. I am in contact with the 2nd and 3rd cousins, so it has helped me to increase my family than just my three siblings.



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          I done my DNA test with, price was all right but took 2 months to receive a DNA kit box due huge inquiry of these DNA kit boxes!! Nice to see a graphic where your ancestors are coming from but tbh its only a graphic for now..... There is an option to contact your "DNA matches" but obviously you need a premium account to contact these "cousins" so extra fees again. But idea is good

          Lesser and Important point is - think twice before your copies of DNA are stored in USA in their archives, you never know what could they do with it and how could they use it :/


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            I have tested with all three big companies, Ancestry DNA, 23and me and Family Tree DNA. I highly recommend testing with Ancestry DNA and then spending $19 to transfer the DNA file to Family Tree DNA.

            Here are my blog posts on Family Tree DNA and Ancestry DNA's tests. More tools have been added to the test results since I posted these but I believe the posts are helpful for those who want to try DNA testing.




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              Just sent my DNA kit in two weeks ago. Awaiting results. I will post more info when results get in.


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                Ancestry DNA Test

                My Husband is half German, half Irish. His brother did the Ancestry DNA test. I saw his results so I know he wasn't kidding. These are his results. Remember, half German, half Irish.
                75% Great Britain, 11% Irish, 7% East Europe, 4% Finland, 1% West Europe, 1% Iberian Peninsula and 1% Scandinavian.
                Really? What happened to Germany? I know he's German, I traced his roots using Family Search.
                So either Ancestry made a huge mistake, his parents found him in a cave or the Ancestry DNA test is a bunch of hoo ha.
                Yet I still plan on taking it. I'm a Uke 100%, let's see what they say.


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                  The Ancestry DNA Test provides insights on possible geographic regions of origin. It does not definitively state your nationality. Nationality and race are both determined by social and political factors that are independent of genetics.

                  DNA testing indicates your BIO-GEOGRAPHIC ROOTS. It shows genetic inheritance and is informed by historical studies about movements of people groups throughout the past.


                  æ, !

                  Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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                    I did my DNA test first with AncestryDNA (before they discontinued it, then restarted it) and familytreedna. 49% East Europe (father) and 45% south central asia (mother), the rest being 1% "traces" so no surprises there. However when using their family finder I have lots of distant matches with people who have Jewish names / origins.


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                      Hello Piotr,

                      Are you familiar w/following forum? Apparently there are several reasons, sociological and technical, for the kind of readout that you have received.

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                      æ, !

                      Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp