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Chmara () family from Horbkiv, Sokalskiy Raion, L'viv Oblast

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  • Chmara () family from Horbkiv, Sokalskiy Raion, L'viv Oblast

    Our family immigrated to Canada in the First Wave group - my branch in 1905 when Kost Chmara arrived with a son, Harry (Hryc). We believe they were heading to Western Canada to take up farming, which is what the government had lured immigrants from Western Ukraine to do. En route through Northern Ontario, Kost and Hryc ended up in Victoria Mines, not far from Sudbury Ontario, and with decent wages and plenty of work available, likely chose to stay rather than undertake the grueling work of homesteading.

    Shortly, another son Joseph came over, followed by Dmytro, Fred (Feodor), Tom (Tomas) Nick (Nykola), and John (iwan). A sister, Olga, died in childhood.

    Hryc married Paraska Wereta, Dmytro married Sophie Catcher, and Tom married Annie Bortnyk. None of the other brothers married, and Kost's wife Anastasia (Daciuk) died while still in Ukraine a few years later.

    Joseph died in Horbkiv while on a return trip, and two of his children, Kataryna and Vasyl, came to Canada. Two of his sons, Hryc and Semen, joined the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Hryc was killed in action, and Semen and his family spent over a decade in separate GuLags.

    Some other names associated with our family are Krawec, Saychook/Sayczuk, Mandryk, Skoczko, Zuk. Saychooks are related through the Daciuk side.

    There are several branches of the Chmara family in Western Canada - near Edmonton and Winnipeg, and another in Michigan. The only other known branch of the Chmara family, descendants of a brother to Kost, came from Zawychnia, just south of Sokal, later immigrating to Germany for work, then to Brazil.

    Any information about the Chmara family in Ukraine or elsewhere would be greatly appreciated.

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    Horbkow, today Horbkiv (˦), was/is hamlet size and the filial GC Church was in Tartakow, today Tartakiv. Today the hamlet (900 residents)is clustered w/selo Potorytsia (). %C2%B021%2719.0%22E/@50.475556,24.355278,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0?hl=uk

    LDS has only filmed some very old GC church registers ( 1762-1853)

    Today there are appx 4,400 people carrying Chmara - Khmara (translates to CLOUD)living in UA. Only one is listed in selo Horbkiv: Evhenia, daughter of Vasyl, born in 1924. There some in Tartakiv and in surrounding environs.

    Zawychnia - Zawisznia = Zavyshen (
    ) Today clustered w/selo Zhvyrkiv.
    The Khmara surname might be traced to Cossack Period and Otoman Khmara???

    The Khmara Family was prominent in Horbkiv and were first organizers of OUN (Ukrainian Partisans) in Sokal district.
    It might be best to turn over the research to a native researcher w/a great sense of and interest in history. I can recommend someone if you like.
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