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  • Genealogy Research in Berdiansk

    Does anyone know of a reputable genealogy researcher in Berdyansk?

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    There are currently 61,000 people w/Klymenko surname living in Ukraine today. There are many in Zaporizzhia region, which is where Berdyansk is located.

    What kind of data are you looking for and in what time frame?

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      Hi Hannia, My father was born, well, actually I am unsure now of the exact date and am trying to verify that. We always celebrated his birthday on OCt 22, 1928. A few months ago I received information from the International Tracing Service - they have his birthday recorded as Jan 22, 1930. My father has told me in the last that he was too young to come to Canada, so he lied about his age. But perhaps there was a mistake in recording his date of birth and it might have been Oct 22, 1930? So, I am hoping to find a copy of his birth records, and I am also hoping that the birth record might have some more information on it about my grandparents. I don't know when or where they were born. I know which year and where my grandmother died. My grandfather's name was Alexander (or Olexander) Nikititich Klymenko. My grandmother's name was Elena Petrovna Klymenko (nee twerdy)


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        The Germans invaded Berdyansk***, the county seat and fair size town, in Oct 1941. By Sept 1943 most able-bodied civilians were sent to Darnitsa, where Germans had organized a POW Camp. From there many civilians were transported to Germany as OSTARBEITER (forced laborers).

        In 1928 thru 1933 Berdyansk was called Osipenko by Soviets. Civil Registration Records have been filmed by LDS. How is your Russian?

        ***Immigrants frequently referred to their district centers as places of origin for geographical reference, because their villages were very small. Was Father from a large town/city or from a small village in the county?
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          All I know is that, according to my father's canadian citizenship certificate, it says he was born in Berdyansk. I don't know how long his family lived there. But by age 5, they were living in Danylivka (spelling is probably wrong). I don't know all the other cities they lived in before the war, but I do believe they were also in Kharkiv. My father told me that they had left Ukraine during WWII as they were being persecuted by the Soviets. But, they were not in POW camps. I don't know where my grandparents were, but my uncle was in a DP camp in Hannover and I believe (if the information is correct from ITS) then he was in Wildfleckin. From there they both emmigrated to Canada.

          I looked at one of the microfilms from the LDS website last week. I have ordered in a few more. The one I looked at last week, from what I can tell, was only from one church. So, I don't even know if my father's birth record survived. Current;y LDS is having people index and catalogue the records they have. SO maybe eventually they will all be available to view. But, I also don't know if they got all the records on microfilm.

          My Ukrainian is not great. But, I can read well enough to know my father's name and the names of his parents, and understand most of the records. The typed words are fine. Some of the hand writing is very hard to read!


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            they were living in Danylivka (spelling is probably wrong)
            No, you have done an exc job. It is transliterated (sounds-like) correctly. The difficuly is in that there are a few of these same-name places in Eastern Ukraine, including one in Kharkiv region.

            Did you contact Bad Arolsen Archives for a copy of Father's and Uncle's ITS records? How did they make it to Germany during war? Germany kept exc records of anyone who stepped foot there during and post WW2.

            Hannover DP Camps

            Wildflecken DP camp

            InfoUkes: Ukrainian History -- Search for Ostarbeiters
            Unfortunately researchers in Zaporizzhia are laying low...for right now anyway.
            Ф. 5593, о. 6, д. 54 Рождения-Birth 1928 Granite Mountain Record Vault
            International Film 1425846 Item 4

            Ф. 5593, о. 6, д. 54 (продолжение - continuation) Рождения 1928 Granite Mountain Record Vault International Film 1575272 Item 1

            Ф. 5593, о. 6, д. 56 Рождения 1928 Granite Mountain Record Vault
            International Film 1575272 Item 3

            Ф. Р-5593, о. 6, д. 66 Рождения 1930 Granite Mountain Record Vault
            International Film 2437225 Item 3

            Ф. Р-5593, о. 6, д. 67 Рождения 1930 Granite Mountain Record Vault
            International Film 2437225 Item 4

            Ф. Р-5593, о. 6, д. 71 Рождения 1930-1931 Granite Mountain Record Vault
            International Film 2439620 Item 1

            You can also contact Berdyansk Civil Registry Office directly and request a copy of Father's birth registration - pождения. You will have to create Privacy Release as per Intl Law. This is a notarized request, which includes a copy of his death certificate. I can provide you w/the letters of request in both English and Ukrainian. It's the Ukrainian form that is submitted to RAHS (Distict Level Archives - Ministry of Justice). Copy address as follows:

            РАЦС по м╕сту Бердянську
            Бердянського м╕ськрайонного управл╕ння юстиц╕╖
            м.Бердянськ, вул.Горбенко, 1
            УКРА╥НА-UKRAINE 71100

            You can also make request thru your nearest Ukrainian Consulate or Embassy.

            PS: You can get help w/cursive here. Just post copy and one of our forum natives will help w/translation.

            Там де ╓ Укра╖нц╕, там ╓ Укра╖на!

            Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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              Yes - ITS in Bad Arolsen is where some of the confusion comes in. The assured me that, according to the information I gave them, that those were the records for my father. records were created according to what each individual verbally told the person making the record. So, there is a different birthday for my father from those records.

              I had contacted a lady in Wildfleckin a few months ago. She said that she will look for information regarding my father being there. I have not heard back - I also did not get confirmation that she is looking for info...

              Same thing with the State Archives for Berdyansk. They asked for information about my father, but did not confirm if they are looking in the archives. I did not fill out any forms, but I don't know if that is what you do when they find the info?

              I am unclear about how they made it to Germany from Ukraine during WWII. I was told ther story that they needed to get from East Germany to west, (or was it the other way around) because the Russians were invading. My father joined the German (?) navy in order to do so. They had wanted him to continue as they found he did well, but he chose not to.

              I don't have the records with me in regards to the microfilms I have already viewed from LDS - it is probably the ones you have listed here. Thank you anyways!

              When contacting the State Archives for Zaporizya, I just used google translate. I did it via email. I don't know if regular mail has been going through or not. They would not have a copy of my father's death certificate as he passed away in Canada in 2013.

              Do you think it would be worthwhile to write a lertter to Berdyansk?