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  • Krawczuk/ Kravchuk......

    Hi Hannia
    Maybe you can help me.

    Recently, I just discovered my grmother had a sister left behind in Ukraine.

    My grmother is Dora Krawczuk/Kravchuk,,,,,,born in Tudorkowice ( 1km north of Wojslawice, my dads birth village) 6km from Sokal.

    Now...I just found out Dora's father, Josef Krawczuk,,,,left behind one daughter Annie . Josef and family emigrated to Sask in 1906.

    Apparantly Annie Krawczuk later married a ______ Klimbra , unknown date, in I assume Tudorkowice/Tudorkovychi.

    Do you have access to any records of Klimbra in Tudorkowice.? Phone?

    When we were in Tudorkowice in 2011,,,,, I did not know this info.

    Thank you


    Slava Ukraina!!

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    Hello Bob. I am not finding surname, Klimbra. I have tried all kinds of variations. Getting nothing at all.

    Sokal Directory
    Телефонный справочник | InfoCity

    In 1946 all Ukrainians were resettled out of Tudorkowice, leaving only Polish villagers. Ukrainians did not start to return until 1953.

    Following are surnames starting w/letter K living in village:


    The Parish Priest is otetz Stepan Dilay (. ). He may be able to recognize the surname.
    Annie would have been Anna.
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    æ, !

    Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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      Hmmmm.......and the mystery deepens.

      Thank you.

      Could you please do Krawczuk in Tudork. ?
      Also Koszman?........I found Koszman headstones here..but have not made a definite connection, but I'm working on it.

      Oops....never seen your edit.

      Speaking of forced resettlement,,,,,i have tried and tried to get the lists for Tudor. and Wojs.; do you know of them or where they can be found?


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        0 1913-01-18
        0 1922-12-04
        0 1927-02-12
        0 1934-05-02
        0 1935-07-01
        0 1934-11-04
        0 1985-11-10
        0 1941-07-08
        0 1934-11-04
        0 1933-01-02
        0 1934-01-02

        0 1933-11-01
        0 1933-12-22
        0 1919-09-01

        æ, !

        Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp


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          Some I met there in 2011.

          Ok,,,I see this lists birthdays...Does this list come from current town records?

          I have photos of many Kravczuk
 to try and tie them together.
          More looking at LDS tapes.....that I've viewed previously, (a few years ago),,but did not know baba was from Tudkor.