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    nicsadler / moderator 1 =2 pro yanuk govt. posts

    Oh my.......

    I can only respond to your words.

    Firstly , you have slickly circumnavigated the issues,,,,,hiding your true position.

    The issue of adoption ; is way off topic,as is most of your post.

    This discussion is about freedom,,rule of law..human rights,,quality of life..future of a nation,,,freedom of speech; free and honest judiciary,,,,honest rada ....(Article 85 ; one vote = one lawmaker personally).......{{how many elected MP's in Wetminster.....walk the seats, performing 'piano voting'}}

    You bring in your I am obliged to respond to it. Why don't you move to Maripoul , live there with your family. Due to the fact you dislike your country so much...then I suggest you renounce your passport , apply for Ukr citizenship......and move to a country that has all the freedoms,,,,,good hospitals, great roads, honest tax collectors, honest police, great schools sidewalks,,,,,which you and your family can enjoy.. In the future your children can attend an honest university, and maybe go into politics,,,,and carry on the great governance that Ukraine currentlty enjoys and offers its citizens.

    your quote....."...these are my personal views and not necessarily those of
    I didn't realize has an agenda....if so what is it?
    Or are you hiding ,,again?

    ps....if Ukraine will not give citizenship.....then I hear Russia is a better place than Ukraine....try them.

    Respectfully.....we may not agree.....and we are free to voice our opinions. Isn't that great?

    Ask the editor of CZ who was dismissed last week in Kyiv...for reporting the trains were full of Maidan supporters coming to EuroMaidan.

    Look at the mess the Antymaidan left....garbage all over, broken benches, empty liquor bottles, broken light posts......this mess being cleaned up by people from Euromaidan. (Now the Antymaidan protestors are at the Party of Regions headquarters demanding the bribes they were promised to be paid.


    This is not so hard to it?


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      you really need to re read my post...I have NOT circumnavigated the issue!! the issue of adoption is NOT way off topic as you speak of freedom and rule of law... surely this should be Ukrainian law and not a law imposed by a remote Government in Brussels.. my wife has just said England is not as great as you think, however Ukraine is also not as bad as you may think, why are you thinking you are qualified to be an immigration advisor for me and my family? as Canada is not as free as you may think and as you seem to have set yourself up as an advisor regarding Ukraine why don`t you return there and help those in Maidan? make yourself useful rather than just a critic.
      John 3/16


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        and do not believe Westminster is without corruption!!!! many tories are controlled by big business... and will vote to benefit that business.... the tories are NOT interested in the people just in big business.... we have roads that have huge pot holes much like those in Ukraine as the local councils say they don`t have the money to repair, we have old peoples homes that have bad conditions because allegedly the council don`t have the funding, we have childrens homes in the same position, yet this is the Europe that those in Maidan envy!!!!! will YOU tell them the truth about the UK!!!!! we even need Unicef working in the UK to support our children!!!! why do those in Maidan want closer ties with us????? and I am STILL proud of my country and I want to change it and I KNOW we NEED a new government however as a Christian I will NOT stand in protest I will use the democratic process and above all Prayer!!!
        John 3/16


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          nicsadler / moderator 1 =3 pro yanuk govt. posts

          My first post asked the question.......

          What are the moderators view on Ukraines current govt?

          Do they support yanuks current regieme and his methods of governance?


          I SUPPORT THE EURO MAIDAN,,,,and their peaceful protest to replace an authoritarian leader who unilaterally decides what is best for the nation.

          What is your position?

          (And please ,,,,do not give that indpependant, unbiased moderator line)

          I have been to Ukraine many times....I have seen the roads ( I mean pothole tracks!!) I have seen police demand bribes.....I have seen and used the outhouses my relatives still have ,,,,,I have seen the schools ,(from kindg. to high schools) I have seen the hospital built in 1885 , by the AustroHingarian Emp. and still in use.....

          I personally do and on a contiuous basis help those fighting against a madman leader who is out of control.

          You are the one who said you hate UK and all it stands for......I am only suggesting you may wish to move to Ukraine....where life, govt, is better, than what your country provides you.

          So ....what is your position .....?

          Do you support Yanuk ?

          Do you support opposition and democracy?


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            Mr nicsadler......
            No system is govt is perfect. I realize this.

            The question was this....."How many members vote by 'piano voting ' in Westminster??"

            Your answer........................................................................................

            How many houses on your street have an outhouse?

            How many times have you been stopped by police,,and asked for a bribe, because you tail light is out?

            Do you pay teachers bribes for better grades.

            Do you take a day off work to renew your drivers liscense....with an envelope of cash?

            Did you pay your professor to get passing grades , when you failed ????

            Does your PM live in a hrv 4.5 BILLION MANSION........built at taxpayers expense. ???

            did the PMs son go from a dentist to a $3.3 BILLIONAIRE in 3 years???


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              if I give my view it is my personal view and not that of the forum, are you a medically qualified practitioner who is qualified to assess madness as you seem to think you are? tell me where I said I hate my country? I did not in fact say I hatecd the UK I said I was PROUD of my country which clearly you didn`t read! is Maidan really peaceful? my sister in law was there 2 weeks ago and Maidan was a mess, this means Ukraines limited resources will need to be used to clear up after the protesters, this is NOT peaceful protest in the true sense of peaceful. You say you have been to Ukraine many times and talk about road potholes, have you ever been to the UK? if not you will not be aware of how bad the infrastructure has become here since the Con/Dems came to government, our specialist childrens hospital, Great Ormond Street was built in 1852 and relies on charitable donations to survive so much earlier than the hospital you have seen.
              John 3/16


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                we have recently had a scandal where our MPs were claiming false expenses and some have been put in prison... our system is as corrupt as anywhere else probably even as corrupt as Canada.... again I say if you love Ukaraine and the protesters as much as you are saying why not go to Maidan and join them?
                John 3/16


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                  You speak of CORRUPTION....

                  Yanuk spent $15 BILLION FOR Euro 2012,,,,and his govt admitted up to 50% was stolen thru corruption and bribery.
                  $15 billion on renovating a few stadiums and some repaved roads.....

                  Mean while......YOUR COUNTRY........

                  spent $9 Billion for the 2012 Summer Olympics....which included many new venues for a multitude of sports., that accommodated millions more of spectators.

                  It has been documented billions disappeared for Euro2012,,,and that $10 BILLION per year,,,,for a total of 30j BILLION since king yanuk elected himself,,,,,,that have disappeared into foreign accounts.


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                    quote.......we have recently had a scandal where our MPs were claiming false expenses and some have been put in prison... our system is as corrupt as anywhere else probably even as corrupt as Canada.... again I say if you love Ukaraine and the protesters as much as you are saying why not go to Maidan and join them?

                    You are absolutely correct.......and so they should go to jail.

           about yanuk and his poltical elite that steal billions and billions and billions.........
                    WHO IS GOING TO CHARGE THEM AND PUT THEM IN JAIL.........


                    PLEASE ANSWER ME........WHO?

                    And you support such a regieme???????????????

                    Then you should be thankful ,'your' country deals with corruption and illegal dealings in an honest and independent judiciary. Some that Ukraine DOES NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO HAVING.!


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                      yes my PM lives in a mansion built at taxpayers expense and maintained at taxpayers expense .. our police are generally not corrupt. I don`t know about the PMs` children, do you really know about Yanokovichs1 children for a fact or are you just believing corrupt media?, I never trust the media here as I know they support our corrupt Con/Dem government to further there readership,I have never said Ukraine wasn`t corrupt however why haven`t you said why you don`t go to Maidan to support the protesters as you seem so keen for me to immigrate to Ukraine or Russia, put your so called views into action.
                      John 3/16


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                        honest and independent judiciary??? where did that come from?? so when are YOU going to Maidan to support those who you think are independently protesting with no financial or political support from outside Ukraine and why haven`t you answered any of my questions, I suggest you re-read mt posts so you can refresh your memory as to what my questions were.
                        John 3/16


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                          you are not afraid / embarrassed to admit your govt is corrupt.

                          But you are afraid to go on record in support or opposition of Ukraines current gov't.

                          You , sir are a hypocrite,,who , like yanuk. talks out of both sides of his mouth.

                          I do not wish to continue wasting my time with someone who exibits the same symptoms of Yanuk.....denial of realty.

                          I believe this 'conversation' was initiated with the suggestion that this blog was controlled by pro Russian individuals.

                          This person was absolutely correct.

                          Speaking with you,,,is like my dad used to tell me......"Its like trying to poke hot butter up a wild cats rectum....with a sharp pencil"....

                          Merry Christmas and victory to those brave Ukrainians in Kyiv.

                          And may god have mercy on all traitors!!


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                            MY LAST POST......

                            Your quote....."...honest and independent judiciary??? where did that come from??

                            Reply......I got this from your quote that MP's were caught cheating and put in jail>!!!!

                            Your words.......all of them.


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                              do you know the definition of a hypocrite? if you are you will know I do NOT fit that definition, you are more closely aligned to the true definition, and YOU are the one who denies reality, I am NOT talking out of both sides of my mouth, I do NOT have that ability! you are self centred and not willing to listen or appreciate any view that may differ from yours which you clearly state when you say "victory to those brave Ukrainians in Kyiv", yet you give absolutely NO consideration to those brave Ukrainians NOT in Kyiv who continue working to maintain the albeit weakened Ukrainian economy without which those in Maidan would be demolished... and as I have never tried what you have suggested about hot butter I would suggest you ask your father what he actually meant, and I wish a very happy Christmas to ALL Ukrainians not as you did just those in Kyiv.
                              John 3/16


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                                This is the mess the pro govt AntyMaidan left. Beautiful ......isn't it?
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