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    Hryc/Hryn Jaremczuk ( note he is shown as Hryce Jaremczuk in their record. You can give alternate names and spellings if you wish but not necessary since we know Certificate number) was naturalized july 24, 1920 in Myram, AB along with several family members. His Naturalization Certificate and file number is B 5306.
    Here is the link to the page:

    Associated Image(s) - Canadian Naturalization 1915-1951 - Library and Archives Canada

    Also read here how to obtain his file:

    Naturalization Records Held by Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Canadian Naturalization 1915-1951 - Library and Archives Canada

    How to Obtain Copies
    Records listed in this database are held by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Requests for copies of documents must be sent by mail to the under-noted office:

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    Public Rights Administration
    360 Laurier Ave West
    10th Floor
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 1L1

    Please note that the following conditions apply:

    •Each application for copies must be submitted on an Access to Information Request Form [] by a Canadian citizen or an individual living in Canada.
    •Fee: $5.00, payable to the Receiver General for Canada.
    •The request must be accompanied by a signed consent from the person concerned or proof that he/she has been deceased 20 years. Proof of death can be a copy of a death record, a newspaper obituary or a photograph of the gravestone showing name and death date.
    •The request should include the following information: surname, given name, date and place of birth, and, if known, the number of the naturalization certificate including the alphabetic Series identifier and the "F" suffix if the certificate was issued in French. Specify that you want copies of the original documents.

    ***Be sure and ask for the file not just a certificate.
    Ruth Zaryski Jackson


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      Re: Alberta Homestead Files

      JAREMCZUK, Hryc
      Section 28 Township 54 Range 9 Meridian 4
      Film # 3002 in Accession # 1970.313 at Provincial Archives of Alberta
      File # 2502450

      Check this link for other Jaremczuks and how to order:

      Alberta Homesteads 1830 - 1970
      Ruth Zaryski Jackson


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        So, this doesn't have any relevance what so ever but, i always knew I was a third Generation Atheist but I just found out, through my grandma, that I'm a 4th generation and very very likely a 5th (the 5th would have been Harry). Just thought that was an interesting tidbit to share for any Yaremchuks that maybe come across this thread. I also know from my dad that the older generations of Yaremchuks (Harry & particularily his son Iwan (john)), at least in our direct blood line were pretty heavy duty communists, almost have to wonder why they left in the first place.


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          Ruth has found you a wealth of info! The Naturalization papers cost only $5 to order and will most likely have the exact name of birthplace of your ancestor! They took about 3 or 4 months to get them when I ordered last year so be prepared for that. Once you have that info you can look into ordering micro film for your village. Of course if they were atheist. .and never were baptized there would be no records. . .



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            You can use Naturalization File details re: ancestral village to verify if indeed it was Rychcice that Hryc/Hryn/Hryhori Jaremczuk was born in. If it is, then that will verify that Hryc came over in 1907 to work then again in 1913 with his family.

            You could in the meantime check with your local Family History Centre and order the films for that village. This will be the way to trace his family back through the generations.I expect there will be records whether or not they were atheist back then. Most large centres have a FHC. Where are you located?
            Ruth Zaryski Jackson



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              I have a side question here, if I could. My grandmother also came over on the same boat, the Willehad, although in 1914. And in her case also, the passenger listing shows up under a Canada to US border crossing in St Albans, Vermont, where my understanding is all Canada to US (but not vice versa) border crossing records were kept. My grandmother's destination was Mundare, Alberta, and I see that Yaremchuk's destination was also Mundare, Alberta.

              Does anyone know why the passenger listing shows up as a border crossing from Canada to the US? That doesn't appear to make sense (?).


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                Hey everyone thanks for the great responses, I've been swamped between my school work and regular work duties. I'll be looking into all of the great information you guys have given me as soon as I possibly can.

                Sandra, I'm sure Hyrc was Baptised just because it was probably the normal thing to do and more than likely his parents would have been religious, we know my dad wasn't and he's 95% sure his father wasn't, no idea if my Great grandfather John (Iwan) was or not, like I said just posted it because it seemed like an interesting little tidbit since there probably wasn't that many Atheists back in that time.

                Ponich, maybe your family did the same as mine, there seems to be a lot of jumping between borders for work related things, I know one of my Dad's Aunts was actually born in the US because they were living there for John to work, then came back up to Canada (good thing they did or i wouldn't be writing this right now :P)


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                  excited to read your posts

                  I am from the family of Michael Ewanciw and I can add something to your info but sadly not the yaremchuk family. Lots of pics of Michael clan homestead and info. Large family with 19 kids total. Will be good to touch base.


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                    Wow it's been a while since I've been here or done any research, i got busy and a little frustrated. Still busy but getting back into it slowly.

                    Michael, I messaged you when I saw this, which unfortunately was only a few days ago.

                    I did come across some information I figured Id add, when I was looking at the Ellis Island records, i noticed there was a column for if you had a relative or friend that you were going to meet up with.

                    For Harry Yaremchuk (Hryn, Hryhori, etc. Jaremczak, etc.) it shows that he was going to meet up with a brother in law in Philidelphia, PA (or so I can gather from the handwriting.) Looks like the brother in law was a Mazur/Masur (they've popped up a few times within my Yaremchuk branch) I know it wasn't one of Harry's wive's brothers as his wife Pauline was a Ewanciw. I've never been able to find out who Harry's brothers and sisters were but at least this gives me a little information, now I know he must have had a sister that married a Mazur/Masur. Hopefully I can make a connection somehow with that.

                    I've attached his line from the manifest, I'm hoping someone might be able to read the first name of the Mazur, I just can't make it out, to me it almost looks like Craejohrs lol. did a quick PS job so it was easier to locate on the pages.


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                      here's an enlargement of the name


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                        Could it possibly be Grzegarz?

                        Just came across Grzegarz Mazur on the ellis island records, says he was born in Grzegarz Rychcice and on his way to Philidelphia, unfortunately it doesnt seem like theres a second page with more details like there was for Harry (Hryn), so I can't find out his wifes name

                        edit: looking at the document closer it looks like it was one large page the got cut off
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                          so glad to converse with you, finally

                          So exciting that you finally found my post. I am a daughter of Anne Topolnicki (Ewanciw). she is the last living daughter of Michael Ewanciw's first family with Elizabeth Mazur. She is 93 and will be no help with history unfortunately. In total there were 19 children in both of his families. I have the ship manifest of 1913 when both families Ewanciw and Yaremchuk came to Canada, as well as the 1916 Alberta census listing your family. Saw the papers you listed. Maybe 1907 was the first trip but Hryn went back. On your 1907 record, wife Pauline is listed on your manifest as person to contact. He must have come alone? I see the reference to brother in law lower down. Elizabeth Mazur had a brother who was supposed to have come over with them in 1913 but he didn't come. That would kind of be Hryn's brother in law wouldn't it? He would have been the brother of the wife (Elizabeth Mazur) of Pauline's brother, Michael Ewanciw. Think his name was christopher however they spelled it. Some weird spelling going on.
                          Anyway, I have to figure out how to send you the ship manifest and census. Spelling of Ewanciw is varied and I am having trouble finding their census. but I found the Yaremchuk to send you. Will be in touch again.
                          Bernice is my name. Bye for now.


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                            don't know how to send you pictures on this site. should we use e-mail from now on?


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                              Hey, email would be great, I'm always so busy with stuff I tend to forget to come back here to check on things that often. What a great coincidence I decided to check today.

                              I think I might have IMd you my email but in case I didn't,

                              As far as the brother in law goes, I suppose he could have just put that, might have been a little different back then too,but my understanding is a brother/sister-in-law would either be

                              a) the brother/sister of your spouse... and
                              b) the spouse of that person

                              in this case elizabeth would have been hryns sister-in-law and michael would have been his brother-in-law, but elizabeths brothers and sisters wouldn't have been. At least the way I understand it, but like I said, could have been a little different back then. Why I'm thinking he must have been married to a sister of hryn is because I would assume they would have been living around the same places, plus even when I go back to my gidos generation hes got cousins/siblings that are/were married to my babas cousins/siblings. Plus I'm just hoping to make a break on the Yaremchuk side of things


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                                Yaremchuk family

                                Good morning all, I discovered this forum last night and I'm so excited that I did. My name is Nicole, I am granddaughter of Anne, great grand daughter of Hren and Pauline. I'm hoping to learn as much as I can about this branch in my family tree. My Baba was a young girl when her parents passed away, and sadly she never spoke much about them, we have very limited info about her parents. I do however know where they are both buried, it is a little country cemetery north of Innisfree Alberta called Bushland. A cousin from my fathers family, farms a piece of land that has been in his family for years, his family has, according to him always called it the Yaremchuk Homestead. It has the cutest little house, the roof has partially collapsed but the walls are still standing. Oh and I have a picture of Baba Pauline.
                                I can be reached on Facebook, and messenger, as well as by e-mail at
                                Thanks all, Nicole Sarafinchan