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  • Yaremchuk

    I posted on this site along time ago with not too much information, I stopped for a long time and just started up again in the last couple weeks and have found a ton of information all over my tree not just in the Yaremchuk branch. But now that I feel like I'm as far as I can go in some of the branches I'm going to go at them one at a time. So I'm starting with the Yaremchuk Branch.

    I have been able to go as far back as Harry YAREMCHUK. [Could have been Hregory(sp?)]

    Alternate Spellings: Yaremchuk/Yaremchuck/Jaremchuk/Jaremczuk/Yaremczuk/etc.
    Ukrainian Alphabet:

    Born in Ukraine, don't know what region or town but I know he lived in Drohobyjc, Ukraine.

    Marriage: Pauline EWANCIW / IWANCIW E / ??? (Used a translator for this one)

    Pauline and Harry were married in Drohobycj, Ukraine and while living there had 6 children, they had a 7th after settling in Canada.

    Harry YAREMCHUK & Pauline EWANCIW Offspring:

    Nicholas/Nikolia YAREMCHUK - B. 1897 Drohobycj, Ukraine
    John YAREMCHUK - B. 1899 Drohobycj, Ukraine
    Joe YAREMCHUK - B. 1901 Drohobycj, Ukraine
    Antonia YAREMCHUK - B. 1904 Drohobycj, Ukraine
    Frances YAREMCHUK - B. 1906 Drohobycj, Ukraine
    Mary YAREMCHUK - B. 1911 Drohobycj, Ukraine
    Anne YAREMCHUK - B. 1916 Alberta, Canada

    Pauline YAREMCHUK (EWANCIW) was born to Peter EWANCIW & Marianne MAZUR / WALAGA (I found one pretty much perfect fitting tree that had Walaga, but then I found a record connection that seems more legit and it said Mazur but something seemed off so im not 100% sure)
    Peter was born in Drohobycj and I believe Marianne was as well. They had 6 children I know of.

    Annette EWANCIW - Married John SOBIW
    Katherine EWANCIW - Married William WASALEWSKA
    Sophie EWANCIW - Married John PIWOWAR
    John EWANCIW - Married Katherine PIELECH
    Michael EWANCIW - Married Elizabeth MAZUR Second Marriage to Theodosia STASYK (Married in Canada but Michael knew her from Ukraine and she came over to Canada to Marry him.)
    Pauline EWANCIW - Married Harry YAREMCHUK

    Immigration in 1913

    Harry & Pauline YAREMCHUK (and kids) along with Michael & Elizabeth EWANCIW (and kids) travel from Drohobycj Ukraine to Austria to Canada, eventually settling in and around the Smokey Lake Area.

    I mostly trying to figure out where Harry Yaremchuk came from? Was he born in Drohobycj? Who were his Parents? Did he have any siblings?
    I obviously also wouldn't mind going back further on the Ewanciw or Mazur/Walaga side as well.

    As far as I know none of Harry Yaremchuk's relatives joined him in Alberta. Nor do I know if any of Pauline & Michael's Siblings or relatives joined them later on. As far as I know it was just Harry, Pauline, Michael, Elizabeth and the kids and I'm not 100% sure all of Michael's kids came with him.

    I can also trickle down more through Harry, Pauline, Michael, Elizabeth, Theodosia. Maybe some others. Through Harry and Pauline its a direct line to me and my tree I'm working on is somewhat impression... I like to think so anyway. Let me know if any other info might help.

    Chris Yaremchuk

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    Just wanted to bump this, hoping there were no replies simply because it got lost in all the threads.

    If there is anymore info that could help just let me know and I will try and figure it out.

    Thanks again


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      Once again I've come on here to bump this. I'm honestly a little surprised, I often see people post nothing more than a 1 first and last name and get great responses. I was once told on here to find as much info as possible as far back as I could go, I think I've done a pretty good job in that respect and haven't even received a response telling me what more I could do....

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting anyone just to have a bunch of information for me. I'm just trying to figure out what more I can do since any information I can find literally gets cut off here.

      Anyway, here's to hoping....


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        I'm sorry your request was overlooked. I will look into this in the next day or so. Promise.
        Ruth Zaryski Jackson


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          I think you have this info but I'm posting what I find so others can assist you.

          1916 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta about Paulina Faromchak Name: Paulina Faromchak
          [Paulina Yaremchak]
          Gender: Female
          Marital Status: Married
          Age: 42
          Est. Birth Year: 1874
          Birthplace: Galicia
          Year of immigration: 1913
          Home in 1916: 31, Victoria, Alberta
          Address: 53, 11, 4, Local Imp 514
          Racial or Tribal Origin: Ukrainian
          Relation to Head of Household: Wife
          Spouse's Name: Hrye Faromchak
          Sub District Desc.: Township 53, ranges 10, 11, 12 and 13, W. 4. M.
          Household Members: Name Age
          Hrye Faromchak 48
          Paulina Faromchak 42
          Nykola Faromchak 19
          Twan Faromchak 18
          Jusko Faromchak 15
          Antoske Faromchak 13
          Franka Faromchak 9
          Maria Faromchak 5
          Anna Faromchak 1

          View original image
          Ruth Zaryski Jackson


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            Have you tried to get naturalization file for Hryc Jaremchak? It will contain info on immigration and likely ancestral village/place of birth. He wasn't naturalized in 1916 census but may have been later as it was required for homestead acquisition. Homestead file can also be requested from AB govt.
            Ruth Zaryski Jackson



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              Here is arrival information for whole family:

              Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956
              about Hryn Jarenczuk Name: Hryn Jarenczuk
              Arrival Date: 30 Aug 1913
              Port of Arrival: St Albans, Vermont, United States
              Ship Name: Willehad
              Port of Departure: Rotterdam, Netherlands
              Age: 43
              Birth Date: abt 1870
              Birth Country: Austria
              Gender: Male
              Race/Nationality: Ruthenian (Russniak) (Ruthenian)
              Record Type: Manifests
              Ruth Zaryski Jackson



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                wow thank you so much zarjacks, I honestly didn't know about the Faromchak and Jarenczuk. For as long as I've been trying to find my geneology (both sides of my family I seem to be the only one interested in it) It's taken me nearly two years or more to find the stuff I have (not that i've been working on it 24/7). especially with the Yaremchuks I really have no one at all to ask, my dad told me his grandfather didn't get along with any of his brothers and I have no info about his brothers offspring so I cant even look them up to ask.

                I'll be looking into all of this and let you know but everything seems to add up.

                Thanks again.



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                  wow, this sure gets frustrating doesn't it. There's so many Yaremchuk's that seem to have lived in Alberta around the same area and the same ages, all seem to have come from Galicia, but no information connecting one another. You almost have to assume some of them are siblings or cousins but unless they lived together during the census your hard-pressed to actually figure it out.
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                    Glad I could find some information you didn't already have. There is much information in earlier posts on this forum about Drohobych if you enter the name in the above right hand corner where it says 'search our site'. You can read old posts that might provide some help to you. According to one message there are many villages in Drohobych area. To trace your family back using LDS metrical records you need to know which village they came from. Another site that may provide useful information is the home site for the Toronto Ukrainian Genealogy Group (Google 'TUGG' ). Also the 'HalGal' site will provide tips on reading metrical records at LDS, Family History Centre located near you (see
                    Good luck with your further research!
                    Ruth Zaryski Jackson



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                      Ok so as far I Know Harry yaremchuk (Hrye Faromchak) lived in Drohobych, was born in Galicia(which is an area as well right?) So what might be the best way to find out the actual village?


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                        Hryc (pronounced Hryts) is nickname for Hryhori (Gregory) frequently anglicized to Harry. Also Hrynko or Hryn may be another nic. Faromchak is a mistake in the 1916 census of Canada records. The actual village may be shown in his naturalization file. I will have another look to see if I can find something more online. In the meantime read the tips on the website for research.

                        have a look at this link re Drohobych; it was the name of both a district and a town:

                        JewishGen Locality Page - Drogobych, Ukraine
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                        Ruth Zaryski Jackson



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                          It looks as if Hryn/Hryhori came earlier alone to work.

                          New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
                          about Heyn Jaremgzak [Hryn Jarenczak]
                          Name: Heyn Jaremgzak
                          Arrival Date: 8 Oct 1907
                          Birth Year: abt 1870
                          Birth Location: Austria
                          Birth Location Other: rychecia [this may be the name of his village; it is in Drohobych region; current name is Rykhtychi]
                          Age: 37
                          Gender: Male
                          Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Ruthenian (Russniak) (Ruthenian)
                          Port of Departure: Antwerp, Belgium
                          Port of Arrival: New York, New York
                          Ship Name: Zeeland
                          Search Ship Database: Search the Zeeland in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
                          **left his wife Pawlina

                          I will now look for the LDS records for this village. Here are Greek Catholic records for Rychcice. Contact your nearest Church of Latter Day Saints to request films.

                          Title film notes ('Metrical books ')
                          Ruth Zaryski Jackson



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                            Hey Ruth,

                            All the birthdays and what not seem to add up but I almost have to wonder if it's the same person...

                            If you read my very first post I mention how Harry came over with his family along with Paulina's brother's family. I actually found a transcript talking about this through the Mazur Family. So unless he went to America, then back then to Canada again I don't know if it would be the same person or not. I have to assume that this transcript is true because according to my dad and Grandma these particular Ewanciws are definitely our ancestors.

                            Also sorry I don't seem to be too great at this whole genealogy thing. The information you've found for me is great but so far I haven't really been able to find anything new past Harry himself. I'll definitely look into the Church of Latter Day Saints, hopefully they'll have something that I can use to go further. I just hope some piece of evidence allows me to find Harry's siblings or Parents.

                            Also the info I have from the 1916 Canadian Census is

                            Birth Place: Galicia
                            Country of Origin: Austria
                            Tribal Origin: Ukrainian
                            Language: ruthenian

                            Is it not strange that he would state his birth location and Ethnicity differently on two separate occasions?

                            also what exactly is this LDS?
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                              LDS is the Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church). They have filmed thousands of church documents from around the world inlcuding the Ukraine. So far I have been able to veiw the micro-film from 2 of 4 villages in Ukraine my family comes from. I will be ordering and viewing the 3rd village for the fall.

                              If you go to that takes you to the LDS site and you can locate your local family history center where ou can view the films. The films cost very little to order ($6 in Canada per film) and are fairly easy to read as the catholic church requried the documents be written in Latin. You can also find out if the villages you are looking for have been filmed. A note of caution though if you do not have the exact spelling of the village or the correct name to which the village has been catelogued than you may not find what you are looking for. The people on this forum are great at finding the LDS film. You can order it on-line but you must research and know where you want the film sent to (closest Family History center) to you.

                              Galacia was a province in Austria which included most of (if not all) of Western Ukraine. Prior to WW1 our ancestors would have been recorded as coming from other Galcia or Austria (same place). Rutherian often referred to the Ukrainian heritage (language) of the person. Ukraine never existed until the 1990's.

                              My apologies - can't recall if where your family settled (Canada or United States) but there is a great "how to" book on Ukrainian Genealogy that has helped me tremendously that I ordered through a Canadian University. It would be most helpful to you no matter where you live. I first got it from the library. I am not at home right now so I can get you the title later.

                              Some people also came over to North America and then went back to get family or other villagers and bring them back wtih them. Perhaps this happened with your ancetors as well? Why he seeminly came over alone and then with family? I did not look closely at dates so not sure if that would be possible in your case.

                              Getting the naturalization papers can be a huge help in locating exact village. Lets keep fingers crossed that Ruth can locate them for you.


                              Also another website that is a "how to" is Halgal: Genealogy of Halychyna/Eastern Galicia Great resource in Ukrainian genealogy resources and how to. There is even a section on the LDS films and reserach etc.