I am seeking information and documents on the ancestors of my mother.
From Gereny (Horjany), now Uzhgorod:
My grandfather, born 22 September 1885, emigrated as Mihaly Holyinka 3 June 1900. His sister, Veronica Holyinka, emigrated 6 July 1905. Another sister, Anna Holyinka, emigrated 1903.
I do not have parent names.
My grandmother, is identified on US Marriage license as Anna Teszlovics. She came to the US between 1900-1905. Born 22 December 1887.
Returned to Europe to have first baby, Maria , born 27 November 1910. Anna and Maria Holyinka return to US 20 December 1912, from Karcsava. Anna's mother is listed as Kata Teszlovics. I have no father's name.

They were Greek Catholics.
I hope to hire someone to do a thorough and professional research job. Can anyone put me in contact with such a researcher?

With Many and Sincere Thanks,
Larry Ward
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 USA